Thursday, 5 December 2013

Dream 207

I am not sure if I was myself (watching third person perspective) or actually the character 'Janine Butcher' from Eastenders. In line with the current plot of the soap opera, Janine was in a new relationship with 'Joey Branning'. The scene was a dimly lit room where Janine and Joey were together, with Janine's baby daughter, 'Scarlett Moon'. I am not sure what else was happening other than it was a fairly ordinary domestic scene.

I was then in my nan's house, during the evening. The main light in the living-room was on and my nan was sat in her usual place on the sofa. I was sat on the floor beside her. The TV was on, showing a documentary about the 1963 assassination of John F Kennedy. I recall a real-life memory from childhood, in which I got out of bed while my mum was working a night-shift and came downstairs to sit with my nan, who was watching a JFK documentary - I had been disturbed by a graphic reconstruction of his head wound and details of how his skull/brain was damaged. In this dream scene, someone else was present, but I cannot recall who, or what they were doing. My nan was looking through fashion magazines. She showed me a picture of a model wearing a navy and white Breton-striped jumper, a black waistcoat and trousers and tan leather boots. She asked me what I thought about this outfit. I said I liked the boots, but not the rest of the outfit. I said I hated waistcoats. My nan then went on to tell me that she found sex toys ridiculous. I put my hand on the floor behind the sofa, and found that my vibrator was lying there. I closed my hand around it, hoping to move it without being noticed, but it switched itself on and started making a loud buzzing noise. I found it very difficult to switch off.

The scene then changed and I was with a middle-aged woman with fluffy black hair - but I cannot recall any more detail than that, everything was very vague.
Charlie Brooks aka 'Janine Butcher' in Eastenders
David Witts aka 'Joey Branning' in Eastenders

Amelie aka 'Scarlett Moon' in Eastenders

John F. Kennedy (1917 - 1963), 35th President of the United States of America, pictured with his wife, Jackie Kennedy in Dallas motorcade on day of his assassination, 22 November 1963

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