Sunday, 22 December 2013

Dream 215

I was with my nan - the details of this dream are very hazy and I cannot recall where we were, simply that we were sitting at a table. My nan was reading me a letter. It was from/about EB. She told me that EB no longer wanted any contact with me. I felt sad about this - as he is my best friend - but was accepting of it. I do not remember anything else about this dream.

* The day after this dream, EB and I had a discussion about our friendship, which became heated. We decided it was best for us to not speak/see each other for a while until we sorted out our differences. I did not feel as upset as I normally would, largely because I took this dream and Dream 214 as a sign that something was going wrong with our close friendship and that these issues could not be easily resolved except by cutting him out of my life, whether temporarily or permanently (only time can tell).

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