Sunday, 22 December 2013

Dream 214

Dream date: 19th December 2013

I was walking with EB and another person who I cannot recognise. We were entering a large well-lit house, via a hallway which led to an open plan kitchen/lounge area which was filled with people I did not know. EB was acting very strangely - quite nasty. His actions were erratic and he was making horrible comments towards me and leering with a malicious looking smile on his face. He seemed either intoxicated or under the influence of some substance which was changing his behaviour. He seemed taller than usual - at least 6 foot, although in reality he is about 5 foot 5 or 5 foot 6. The third, unfamiliar person said, by way of explanation for EB's weird actions: "RB [a hip hop artist known personally to both EB and I] fed him onions". I looked at EB's face and noticed that it was distorted - an unusual shade of bright pink and puffy/swollen with deformed features. It appeared that the kitchen area of the house was actually part of a restaurant. There was a small, young, South East Asian woman (she had dark skin, but Oriental features and long straight black hair). She came up to my shoulder in height. She was preparing some food. EB and I wandered into the kitchen and stood near some counters. Suddenly, he started kissing the small Asian woman very passionately. I could see their tongues in each others' mouths. I started to argue with the Asian woman, who was leaning against a wall, telling her to leave EB alone. EB was standing beside me to the right side, against another wall/window, saying nothing. I said: "I don't want him anyway, you can keep him", then punched her straight in the face. I left the house and as I was exiting through the front door, saw RB and other 'urban' males entering. One of the males said to me: "You can't hang around with RB now, we are going to watch a fight". I walked away, into the night.

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