Thursday, 12 December 2013

Dream 210

Dream date: 9th December 2013

I was at my nan's house, which appeared to be almost identical to her real home in Sheringham. My aunty, VF was also present, but her hair was short and ginger (as it was when she was younger). My nan was telling me that I had to go with her to see a solicitor as she wanted to change her married name (she had been divorced from my late granddad since my early childhood, but retained the name Mrs C). She wanted to revert to her maiden name of 'Miss Cheeseman' (I think this was her maiden name - it was certainly an old family name - I will have to ask her which relative of hers had this name, but I think it was her father). I did not want to go to see the solicitor with her, and I thought that my financial situation was quite bad, prohibiting me from catching the bus. I said to my nan: "Did my mum give you some money for me?" My nan didn't answer. VF then got angry and pointed into the hallway - which seemed a little bigger than in real-life. There was a pile of Christmas presents stacked on the floor. VF said: "I bought you a television for Christmas!" I then found myself and my nan walking to the bus. We were no longer in Sheringham, but in the passageway which leads to my home in Norwich. It was night and raining. My nan said: "Your mum gave me £100 for you". The scene changed and I found I was on a bus - now on the road just outside my nan's home in Sheringham - where we would normally catch the bus from in real-life. It was now daytime. I looked out of the window and some distance away, saw my nan, with a brown dog. I wondered if she would be bringing the dog with her to visit the solicitor (my nan does not own a dog). I then thought that my nan might miss the bus and was annoyed that I was on my way to the solicitor without her, when it was her who wanted the appointment. I looked towards the driver and noticed my nan was now getting on the bus and showing her bus pass. She came and sat down next to me and we discussed her change of name.

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