Friday, 6 December 2013

Dream 208

I was sitting in the armchair in the corner of my former childhood home in Pine Grove, Sheringham. My mum was sitting on one sofa, and my nan was sitting opposite on the other. The room appeared (from memory) exactly as it had in real-life. I was looking through an art book, but also talking to my mum. I noticed that she was smoking (she gave up smoking nearly 15 years ago). I became alarmed and angry at this, even though I do smoke myself - mainly because she had abstained for so long up until this point. I said to her: "why are you smoking?" and she said she "felt like it". I told her that if this was the case, I should be allowed to smoke in the house also, but my main concern was that she had taken up the habit again. My mum left the room and I went over to the corner where she was sitting. There was a full ashtray and many many packs of cigarettes - all of different brands - some of them were the larger packs that are available from Duty Free shops. I destroyed the packets of cigarettes. My nan asked me what I was doing and seemed to be worried that I was acting inappropriately. I told her: "she hasn't smoked for 15 years so she shouldn't start again now!" The atmosphere was hazy blue - as if there was a heavy smoke in the the air.

I was then in a car with my mum and stepdad - I was in the back of the car and my stepdad was driving. The weather was quite grey and overcast. I am not sure of the location - it seemed as if we were in a normal suburban residential area. The car stopped. One of my parents told me that they were going to become foster-parents to two people (they did not say children). A man in a grey suit approached our parked car. He was obviously  the social worker dealing with the fostering procedure. He said he had the two people who were to be fostered with him, and I could only see one of them - it was a strange, grungy looking man - short and with a twisted, bent posture. He seemed to be around the age of 40 years or so. He had scruffy clothes and a ragged black beard. Everything about him made him look insane or homeless. I could not see the other person who was to receive foster care. The social worker said: "Both these people are paedophiles who need help from new parents". I started to become hysterical, screaming at my parents that they could not allow paedophiles to live in our home, but my mum said it was too late and everything had been organised. I felt furious and frustrated and also anxious that my voice was not being heard.

I then had a false awakening, although I did not realise it at the time. I 'woke up' in my own university bedroom and saw it was daylight. EB's jeans (with a brown leather belt) were draped on my desk. I wondered how they got there and then 'remembered' he had changed his clothes at mine earlier in the day (I had actually spent the day with EB in real-life, but he had not changed his clothes or left jeans on my desk - although there are a pair of his jeans under my bed from when he did get changed on a previous occasion and forgot to take them with him).

I then went back to my dream. I was in a pub with my mum, stepdad and the fostered paedophiles. The pub was not one I recall from real-life, but it seemed really familiar - I think it is the same pub that appeared in an earlier dream and I will investigate this by reading some of my previous posts when I have an opportunity. The pub had one area where there was just a bar and some stools for drinkers to sit on at the bar. Then there was a narrow hallway/walkway area which led to another bigger bar area where tables and chairs were set out for customers to dine at. The pub was a friendly, bright environment and decorated in a traditional British style. My family were eating sandwiches at one of the tables in the dining area of the pub, which was crowded. The only person in the pub, other than my family, who I was able to recognise was 'Max Branning' from Eastenders (earlier that day I had been teasing my best friend, EB that he looks like Max Branning - not that this is a bad thing - and it is a running joke between us, I even cut out pictures of Max from newspapers and magazines to give to him). Max was seated at one of the nearby tables. I saw the paedophiles (again, I was only able to really 'see' one of them - the male described before) were seated at a table where some children were sat with their family. I started screaming again and found that I was under one of the tables. My mum said: "You've got to stop this! They are entitled to a home!" But I could not accept my parents were going to foster paedophiles in our home. I got out from under the table in a rage and sat down opposite Max. I started to tell him about the situation, but I was shouting and frantic, so my words were confused and he did not seem to be able to understand what I was saying. I was shouting: "These men are perverts! Get them out of here!" across the bar/dining area. I started pulling on the arm of the visible paedophile with the black beard, as if I was trying to get him to stand up and leave the bar, but he was sat firm in his seat. My mum said: "You better go home!"

I had another false awakening - exactly the same as the first - I saw EB's jeans draped over my desk in the same position they had been in earlier. As I was not yet aware the first occasion had been a false awakening and I had experienced no lucidity throughout this entire dream, I accepted that the jeans were there the whole time - and 'remembered' that EB had left them there. 
Jake Wood aka 'Max Branning' in Eastenders

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