Sunday, 22 December 2013

Dream 216

I was in a canteen with long tables, where many people were seated on benches. I was turning around on my bench to speak to the people seated on the table behind me. They were boys from my high school, but I cannot recall who they were. Food was being served to us on trays. I got the impression that we were in my old primary school canteen.

The scene changed and I was in my current home in Norwich, watching Masterchef the Professionals (which is what I had been watching online before I fell asleep). One of the chefs competing was a 22 year old male, Oli Boon (it was the 2012 competition). I then was downstairs in my lounge/kitchen with DL. He was standing beside my housemate's desk, with a flipchart, trying to explain something to me. The laptop, playing the Masterchef show was on the work surface behind me. Something drew my attention to the screen. Oli was talking to the camera. He had a full face of clown-like makeup on - pink lipstick and blue eyeshadow and very white powder on his skin. The makeup was badly applied. He was saying cruel, nasty things and frowning at the camera. I felt uneasy. I was then back in my bedroom, and the laptop was also there with me. There was a white screen at the top - with some writing on it, and the lower part of the screen was black. In the black section of the screen, a woman appeared. She looked quite normal - with short brown hair, but her facial expression was odd - she was smiling in what can only be described as an evil, smug way. She was moving from left to right across the bottom of the laptop screen, using her hands to push herself along - the palms of her hands were flat against the screen and she looked like she was sliding or floating - the impression I got was of the movements associated with mime acts. This happened very slowly and put me in ultimate fear, although I do not know why. I heard my doorbell ring loudly.

I then had an episode of sleep paralysis. I thought I was awake - and that it had been the sound of the doorbell that woke me. I was facing the wall of my room, laying in bed. This part of my room looked completely normal - I could see the picture of Marilyn Monroe on my wall, even though the room was dark (however, as I went to bed in the early hours of the morning, perhaps in reality, it would have been lighter). I tried to move, but couldn't. I was struggling against myself and actually realised that this was sleep paralysis, but this recognition did not help me feel less terrified. I heard the doorbell ring again and felt dread. There were then loud footsteps coming up the stairs to my room. I was completely scared and tried to call out - to EB and to DL (neither of whom were present - I usually call EB because I can make him appear in a lucid dream easier than other people - I was hoping to become fully lucid so I could change my situation), but there was no sound - my voice would not come out. I was too scared to try and look at the laptop or anywhere else in my room as I felt a 'presence' of some kind - not that I was physically able to do so at this stage. The fact I knew I was in sleep paralysis made it worse - because I was aware that my mind could conjure anything in my wild imagination and my intense fear made it probable that any experience would be highly horrifying. I felt so awake. The paralysis persisted for around 30 seconds or so after this - all the time I was trying to scream or move to wake myself up.

I re-entered a normal dream state. I was in my nan's living-room with her. The lights were on in the room and I was sitting in my normal chair in the corner. My nan was in the kitchen, talking to me from there. She was explaining how she had been in contact with some UK hip hop artists and had developed a friendship with them via phone and letter. I was surprised at this. She came into the living-room and stood beside my chair, showing me a letter she had received from the musicians. I wondered why some young urban men were interested in socialising with my nan, but felt pleased she had made some new friends.
Oli Boon from Masterchef the Professionals (2012)
A mime

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