Monday, 2 December 2013

Dream 205

This entire dream was themed around an episode of the Channel 4 dinner party contest show, Come Dine With Me. I think I appeared as myself in the dream, because at one point my nan appeared and started talking to me, but I did not see myself in the dream. The show usually has 4 -5 contestants - 4 if it is an hour-long edition and 5 if it is shown over one week. For those who have never watched the show, each contestant gets the same budget and has to host a dinner party in their home which the other contestants score out of 10. Often the host will also provide some form of entertainment and the guests will have a chance to snoop around their host's home. The show will start with the host for that evening shopping/preparing the meal, which is typically 3 or more courses and can be cooked by the host (expected) or bought in/made by a third party (although this is not against the rules, it is considered cheating by other contestants). The contestant with the highest score at the end of the week wins a cash prize, with no-one knowing how well they were rated until all the dinner parties are over. There are often a lot of arguments and personality clashes (with contestants airing their views in private chats to the camera at various points in the evening). It is a very enjoyable show to watch.

In my dream, besides me, the other contestants were:
  1. A middle-aged woman with shoulder-length dark brown fluffy hair, of plump build, and with an extrovert personality
  2. A blonde woman with long straight hair, approximately late 20s age and of slim build, who was a hippy and a yoga expert
  3. A middle-aged man with a tanned complexion and balding head, robust build, and quite forceful personality, who no-one seemed to get on with
  4. A middle-aged man of  very slim build who always wore a Hawaiian print shirt and had quite a camp personality. He had deep wrinkles on his cheeks and thinning hair of a mid-brown colour
  5. A middle-aged woman with a brown bobbed hairstyle and very short stature and quiet personality
  6. Katie Price aka 'Jordan' the glamour model, media personality and entrepreneur - the only celebrity contestant
The dream started with Katie Price's evening. I did not see exactly what she was cooking, nor experience eating her meal. While she was preparing the food, I saw that the slim Hawaiian shirted man was helping her in the kitchen and was aware that they were friends outside the show. I wondered if they had arranged with the TV company to both be on the show at the same time, or whether it was a coincidence. Then my nan appeared and asked if the Hawaiin shirt man was Katie Price's latest husband. I told her "No, she is married to Kieran" (Kieran Hayler). My nan then asked who the father of Katie's son Harvey was, to which I replied: "Dwight Yorke" (my nan knows this in real-life and in the dream I questioned to myself why she had forgotten this information). This exchange with my nan took place in the living-room of her house. 

The scene then changed to the house of the plump middle-aged woman with dark hair. We were in her lounge, which was tastefully decorated in pastel colours. I became aware that my fake nails had all fallen off. I looked on the floor and saw them all in a pile - but there were more than 10, so I thought that some must belong to the other contestants as well. I picked them up and called to the other contestants, who had now gone into the dining-room "I have all the nails!" I went through to the kitchen were the host was serving the meal onto plates. She was carving some beef, which I thought was overdone. The kitchen was that of my nan's house and looked almost identical to how it would in real-life, other than the fact that instead of the tumble dryer being where it usually is positioned, the counter extended further. I was standing by the washing machine and back door. The disliked robust male was interfering with the plating up - he kept moving the meat around on the plates. The host said: "Would you please let me do this alone, it's solo work!" The robust male did not listen to her.

The scene changed again and now we were in the dining-room of the short woman with bobbed hair. We were all seated around a large wooden dining table and there was a roast turkey and trimmings laid out (I do not like turkey). The blonde hippy was leaning back in her chair with her arms stretched out over her head. The man in the Hawaiian shirt was in the corner of the room dancing by himself. His shirt was white with a palm tree design on it. Suddenly, he leapt forward and dived through the wall as if it were not solid. The wall did not break or become damaged - it was as if he was moving through thin air - the way you imagine a ghost to be able to walk through a wall without problem. I saw his legs sticking out of our side of the wall as he made his way through it.
Katie Price aka 'Jordan'

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