Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dream 203

This dream occurred when I was a little bit drunk from going out clubbing. I drank one can of beer, bottle of white wine and two vodkas, but it took me ages to fall asleep when I got home. This dream was very confusing as you will see.

Dream fragment - I could see a bowl with thick, curly spaghetti/noodles in it - but as I looked at it, I realised it was blonde ringletty hair instead.
Dream fragment - I was in my room at university, putting on a pair of white trainers which had fluorescent pink/orange intersecting lines on the side which glowed in the dark - I was going for a walk on the field.
Dream fragment - I could see someone reading a huge newspaper, but could not actually see the person holding the newspaper.

False awakening - I awoke and then was sitting at the bottom of my bed, recording these dream fragments on a piece of paper (in one word entries) so I could write up my dream report in the morning. No lucidity occurred. 

I was walking past a row of houses with a low fence/wall in front - it simultaneously seemed to be the row of houses I live on at university and also those along Sheringham sea-front. There was an orange/brown tent and several other fabric objects in the same colour in front of the house on the far end. I was aware that these had been placed by a man named 'Nigel Lee'. I went to the other end of the houses - and found it was indeed my university residences. I was with two other males, who I knew in the dream. These males were minor celebrities, who had given Nigel Lee an opportunity to work with them. The males and I were discussing Nigel Lee and how funny he was - although he was not present with us (I think he was in the tent). We went by car to a business park, where there were also some blocks of flats. I was standing with the two male celebrities (who were my friends it seemed) in a quadrant in the centre of the buildings. I was explaining how I was hoping Nigel Lee would join us (he was apparently in one of the block of flats to my right - I looked up at the window). I said: "Nigel Lee thinks he is too famous for us now".

False awakening - I woke up in my bed, aware I had been dreaming. I thought (I could fee this clearly) that one of my false nails (fourth finger, left hand) had fallen off in my sleep. I found the nail in my bed and decided I would not glue it back on until the morning.

I was in my nan's house, but there was a new room which I had not seen before. My nan was in there, while I stood in the doorway, looking in. My nan told me she was having to store some of my books in the room because there was no space elsewhere in the house. I went into the room. She showed me one of my books, which I did not recognise. It was smallish, with black leather binding and contained watercolour images. I flicked through it. 

I was then on a bus. There was a luggage compartment adjacent to where the driver sits, in which several unfamiliar people were crouched. One male said: "She looks like a crackhead!" I exited the bus and went into a bedroom - it looked like PS's room and my university room at the same time. I looked in a mirror and saw my reflection in profile - I looked exactly like my mum, with short blonde hair. I walked over to the side of the room, where there was a large cork noticeboard with lots of very messy items pinned to it. Next to this there was a huge cannabis joint, nailed to the wall. I felt annoyed that this was on the wall and removed it and placed it on the windowsill. A female entered the room - I cannot recall who it was, but she was older than me. I looked at the joint while I was talking to her (with my back to her - she was tidying the room). The joint now looked as if it had been smoked to almost nothing, then extinguished on the windowsill. From outside the building, I could hear the voice of a girl from school, AP, telling someone that she was dating NS, her former boyfriend again and that they had just smoked some "peng weed". I therefore assumed they were responsible for the cannabis joint in 'my' room and wondered if they had stolen it or brought it with them. 

False awakening - I woke up in bed and thought a second fake nail (middle finger, left hand) had fallen off. I could again feel this very clearly, but could not find either of the two nails in my bed. I wondered if I should get up and put the light on, but 'fell asleep' again instead.

I was in the strange composite bedroom again, looking in the full-length wardrobe-door mirror. I had blood soaked plasters/bandages stuck on the right side of my face. I undressed (my body was tanned and gleaming) and noticed these wounds extended all the way down my body, with a large bandage on the right side of my chest. I did not have (or did not see) any breasts - my chest looked like a man's, although the rest of my body was curvy and feminine. I started to remove the plasters/bandages. Underneath were deep gash-like wounds which were stitched together. I wondered how I had managed to get such injuries. I left the room and walked into a classroom, where there was a tall blonde female teacher and pupils of a non-determinate age seated at desks. Everyone gasped in shock when I walked in - I am not sure if it was because I was naked or because of my wounds, but I did not feel anxious or self-conscious. I walked over to the window and stood there. The teacher approached me, with the intention of inspecting my wounds, but fainted on the floor.

I was then in my nan's living-room which had changed so that furniture on the left side of the room was now on the right - as if it was a mirror image of how it appears in reality. I was holding a smartphone, and brought up an image of a beautiful tropical island (photograph taken from above) in the middle of a sapphire ocean, which was dotted with black speckles. I was with a female who was sat behind me in a chair, with me kneeling beside/slightly to the front of her. I could not see who she was. I showed her the photograph of the island and said: "This is where my cousin CAJ will be living." I then tried to enlarge the image on the screen, but found I could not. Suddenly, I realised that the screen of the phone was badly smashed - as if I dropped it. My fingers were cut on the broken glass. I thought I must have dropped the phone while out drunk, but could not remember doing so (I had a memory that I had been out clubbing - to the same location - a hip hop club - I had visited in real-life before I had this dream, although I had not taken my contract smartphone out with me. just my old pay-as-you-go one, which  has all my numbers and music stored on it). I walked up stairs and stood on my nan's landing, staring out the window, while I called my mum on my pay-as-you-go phone. I wanted her to use the phone insurance for the smartphone to get it fixed (the smartphone is on a contract in my mum's name in real-life). My mum could not quite understand what I was asking her to do and I was getting frustrated trying to tell her I had broken the phone. She kept saying: "The bill will come to me in a few days, don't worry." I explained I was not calling about the bill, but the insurance. She started whispering. I said: "Look, unless the phone gets fixed, don't pay the bill!" I woke up.

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