Thursday, 12 December 2013

Dream 211

Dream date: 10th December 2013

I was with my cousin HM, in a large, but unfamiliar pub. HM looked the way she did when she was a teenager, before she got married and had a son, but I was aware that she was actually an adult. She was telling me that she would meet me again after she had gone to see her dad who was taking her to Toys R Us. I did not want her to leave as I was happy to stay in the pub drinking with her. We stood at the bar. A male was serving - I assumed it was DW (a guy I used to know from Sheringham, but an acquaintance, rather than a friend). However, this male did not look particularly like DW - he was heavyset with similarly black hair in a different style. I asked HM who this male was and she said: "Nathan" (I do not know who Nathan is). I tried to be friendly and make small talk with Nathan, but he was bending down to get clean glasses from the shelf and pouring drinks - and largely ignoring HM and I. I thought he was being rude. HM and I sat down at a table near the bar. Another male came over - also dark-haired and quite fat. He was holding a stack of brightly-coloured flyers advertising an event. He got really close to me and started flirting - I cannot recall the dialogue of this dream. I was uncomfortable with him being in my face and told him to leave us alone. HM said she had better go and meet her dad.

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