Thursday, 12 December 2013

Dream 209

Dream date: 8th December 2013

I was in a big, sunlit room with nice furniture in it - floral sofas and plush carpets. It was not a house I was familiar with and it seemed as though there was some kind of daytime party occurring. I did not know all the guests, but I saw that AP (a girl I went to school with) was present. She was telling me that she wanted to have sex with her cousin. I was then aware that my 'cousin' was also present - not an actual cousin, but a dream character. He looked a lot like ED2. He knelt by the armchair I was seated in and started trying to do sexual acts with me, but I thought this was wrong. I am not sure if he continued or whether I stopped him. The party was continuing. I saw AP walking away - she was wearing a bikini with a thong on the bottom-half. She went into the kitchen area, which adjoined the lounge (where I was sitting, and the other guests were socialising). I then went into a small alcove area, just off the lounge. There was a drinks vending machine in this room, and another person, who I cannot recall. I decided to record the sexual incident with my cousin/ED2 on small cassette tapes, with the intention that the 'story' would be broadcast on radio. I started dictating the incident. When I finished, I removed the cassette tapes from the handheld sound recorder I had been holding. The cassette tapes were cookies, which I ate. I left the alcove, and returned to the party in the lounge.

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