Thursday, 12 December 2013

Dream 213

I was in the 'back bedroom' (the one that used to be my aunty VF's room, in which I now store my belongings) at my nan's house in Sheringham. The light was quite dim. I was with PS. I looked around the room at my possession, which were in the room - much the same as they are in real-life. I was re-packing them into different suitcases. Some of the clothes were different to the ones I actually possess - in particular I noticed a black and white checked shirt (which I do not actually own). I was trying to decide which items to keep and which ones to discard. This scene continued for some time and PS and I were talking, although I do not remember exactly what we were talking about.

The scene changed and I was with PS in his car. He was sitting in the driver's seat and I was sitting in the back seat behind him. He put a song on the car stereo which was about "donkey noses". I didn't like this song and was trying to convince him to change it, but he said it was his favourite. It was perhaps daylight or twilight - outside the car the light was very dim. PS and I drove off. We were in a suburban residential area. We drove past rows of houses, and in particular, a road, which lead down to a cul-de-sac. Standing on the pavement, but the side of the road (and a road sign with the name of this road, which I could not read) was a small group of people. I think my old school friends, CW and VW were there. They were also with a male - who was very effeminate, camp and had puffy, bouffant grey hair and a spray tan - middle-aged. This group of people waved at me as we drove past. I then became aware that I knew this male - I had written a 'review' of his looks. I had described his hair and makeup and manicure (he wore nail polish). I was standing in a telephone box when I became aware that another female (not seen) had commented on my review of this man. Regarding his manicure, she had written/said (not clear which - I did not 'see' her comments, I was just aware she had made them: "But is it too much? Is it too much?" This made me burst out laughing manically. I woke myself up, laughing really hard and feeling very happy.
Dale Winton - Quiz show host and television personality
David Dickinson - Antiques expert and television personality
Gerard Kelly aka 'Ian "Bunny" Bunton" in Ricky Gervais' Extras

The above men are examples of the type of male who appeared in the dream, although I could not find an image which illustrated him perfectly.

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