Friday, 6 December 2013

Dream 208

Dream during afternoon nap

I was in EB's house. I was there to help him learn a course entitled "Law in Development" and had brought round some textbooks to assist me. Some action happened - which I cannot recall. I then went to find the textbooks in his house. I went into his kitchen, where the lights were on. There were lots of white drapes and other strange, non-distinguishable objects hanging from the ceiling which were getting in my face. The door (there is no door in reality) opened to the kitchen and his mum enters (I have never met his mum in real-life). She had short black hair and was shorter and thinner than me (I am 5 foot 3 inches, so she was tiny). She introduced herself to me and asked if I was teaching EB about Development Law (whatever that may be - I have never come across the phrase in my own legal studies!)  I told her that I was, then was able to see my books on the kitchen worktop.

The scene changed and I was with EB in my room at my nan's house. We were in the dark, sitting on my bed. The room was very dark. We started kissing and EB removed his clothes. He then went into the bathroom. From the bathroom he shouted back to me: "Don't remove the labels from my underwear or it will get mixed up with TB's [his brother]". I shouted back: "OK" but wondered why it mattered so much. I could feel the label on my own underwear irritating the base of my spine where the waistband was sitting. I took my knickers off - they were navy with stars printed on them, like the night sky. I removed the white laundry label and thought to myself that EB should let me do the same with his. 

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