Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Dream 206

I was laying outside on a gravel path at night. Next to me was a huge mansion house, with bright lights visible through the windows. This was obviously the home of a wealthy person/family, but I was not sure who lived here. A male character - he seemed to be a composite of ED and someone else at the same time. This male was attempting to have sexual intercourse with me, but I was resisting. However, when I touched myself I felt an orgasmic rush come over me (this could have been a 'wet dream' if the dream action had not distracted me). I felt really amazing and said: "This feels so good!" This annoyed the male, as clearly I was enjoying myself without him. He removed a condom that he had been using in anticipation of having sex with me and said in an angry voice, while getting up off the gravel: "This is the first time I have stopped having sex before it even started!" I got up too, feeling guilty about leading him on and making him annoyed. I started to leave the estate which the mansion was situated in. Then, as I was leaving, I realised this was the site of a huge party/festival and I was already inside. I started walking down many dirt tracks - to my sides were the typical sights you would associate with a music festival - all lit with fairy lights. It looked really magical. I kept walking around, trying to decide which direction to go, what to see and what to do. I got to a turnstile which was the entry point to a part of the festival where live music was being performed. It was now daylight. In front of me in the queue was RRD and her cousins - who went to my school. LW and DS were pulling faces at me. I said to them: "You can't fuck with me now, I'm beyond your bullshit!" and pushed past them. The sun was shining.

The scene changed and I was on a seafront - the sun was still shining. I was carrying a plate of fish and chips. I entered a big white building on the promenade of this unfamiliar seaside town - it was a posh restaurant. I wondered if it was inappropriate that I had brought my own food into the restaurant, but decided that it was fine, and walked around for a bit, carrying the plate. I cannot recall any other details of my surroundings or the action taking place in this scene. 

I was then a male - I could see myself in the third person and knew it was me as I 'felt' and 'thought' the feelings and thoughts of this male character - who I cannot really describe, as he/I was quite normal and non-descript. I was with two other males. One of them was quite normal and I cannot recall any specific details about him, other than he was my friend and reminds me a little of my best friend EB - it may have been him or a composite of him and another. The other male was tall and skinny and I knew he was a drug dealer. He also seemed to be both human and the cartoon character 'Wile E. Coyote' from the Road Runner show. I will refer to him as 'Wiley' to make it clear who I am talking about. Wiley had three plates - all white and clean. My friend and I were trying to trick him into giving us the plates. I am not sure how this happened, but somehow my friend I managed to get possession of these plates and we ran away - on all fours, like animals. Wiley tried to chase us, but quickly gave up. He shouted after us: "When I catch you, you're dead meat!" The environment was mainly green - grass, bushes and trees, but I cannot recall much about this scene at all. 

The scene changed again and I was in an office with dim lights. I was using a toilet which was in the middle of the room, in plain view of those around me. However, I did not feel embarrassed or ashamed about this. People were walking around, not taking any notice of what I was doing. A man in a suit started chatting to me, standing at a table which was positioned next to the toilet. Then, a mature woman - tall with ginger hair, wearing a deep blue top and white pencil skirt - came round the back of the toilet, where there was a counter, separating one side of the office from the other. She started talking to me, and I had to turn around to converse with her. She said: "We have considered your application and we will be offering you the job". I am not sure what the job was - but I was pleased to be informed of this. The woman then came round to the side of the office where I was using the toilet and the man with the business suit was standing at the table. I then noticed the table was laid out with lots of buffet food. The man and woman picked up plates and started eating the food. I realised I needed to find some toilet paper to wipe my butt, but I could not see where it was. I wondered if I could use my own hand, but realised this was disgusting and inappropriate. I also wondered if I could pull up my underwear (black knickers - odd because I rarely ever wear underwear in reality unless I am wearing a super short skirt/dress) and leave the room to find toilet paper elsewhere, but again, thought this would be unclean and wrong. I then looked and saw there was a tissue dispenser to my right, but it was a little too far for me to reach while seated on the toilet. I thought about how I could get some tissue discreetly without standing up and revealing my naked butt to the people in the room. I realised I could not do so. I stood up really quickly and slammed the toilet seat down before the people could look inside, then grabbed some tissue. The woman said: "Oh, don't worry, everyone has to do that in here".

I was then in a sort of tent-like structure, or an alcove in a vague outside location, looking through boxes of my old belongings. ED2 was with me. I was rifling through cardboard boxes of my possessions, finding skateboard videos which I thought he might be interested in (he is a skateboarder). Some of my books were also in boxes. One of the boxes had many sepia/beige coloured books in it. I saw some of them were Marilyn Monroe books. For a moment I thought these were books which I did not currently have in my own collection (I have a vast collection of Marilyn Monroe books). As I examined the covers, I realised all the books in the box were my own. The scene changed and I was walking into a bookshop - I think it was a second-hand bookshop. Through the window, I saw a display which had a copy of Stephen King's IT (a book I love). Then I went into the shop, looking around me at all the books on the shelves. The entire collection of books, except those displayed in the window, were Marilyn Monroe books - many of which I did not already own. There was a spinning stand in the centre of the shop - displaying books which seemed to be aimed at children. I saw the cover of one, which was entitled "Marilyn and her Children" - it was a small hardback book with a white shiny cover illustrated with Marilyn seated and a number of children crouched at her feet. The books on this part of the stand were priced at 44 pence. I left the store with the desire to return with money to buy as many new books as I could.

The scene changed once more and I was in an outside location, standing beside what might have been a basketball court or some other type of hangout. There was a grassy bank and a chain-link fence. The light was dim - as if it was twilight. I was sitting with some friends. Some distance away, I saw my friend DJ and some other males. I said to my friends: "DJ is a great person!" I shouted over to him and he waved at me. I told him to come and join us. He came with one other male - although I recall little about this person, except for the fact that he was very hyperactive and was jumping around all over the place. Our group was sitting on the grassy bank - DJ's friend was fooling around while we watched. We then all walked over to a car and drove off together - I woke up before I could find out where we were going. 
Wile E. Coyote from Warner Bros cartoon, Road Runner

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