Friday, 24 February 2017

Dream 785

'Green Glass Needles'
Date: 23 February 2017
Time: 18:00 - 22:00 (I woke up from this dream naturally)
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall

Scene 1: A Classroom/Office -Time Unknown
I was excited because I had been offered a place and funding to do a new PhD on Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting (1993). This was a literature PhD and I was standing in either a classroom or an office at a university, telling an older white female dream character, who was a member of staff about how pleased I was. 

Scene 2: Coronation Street. Weatherfield, Greater Manchester (Fictional Town from Coronation Street) - Day
I was then in the fictional town from the British ITV soap opera, Coronation Street. I could see the streets which appeared to be in a northern town, with the red brick terraces, which would be similar to the actual sets in the soap. I could see a male character, wearing a brown jacket. He was an older white male, and although he did not look like the real life actor/character, I knew him to be (in the dream) 'Ken Barlow' as played by William Roach. I was watching the scene as if I was actually there, standing a short distance away. 'Ken' had found a missing child - a small white female with brown hair, approximately 8 years old. She had run away from an orphanage and 'Ken' was now wanting to look after her. They sat on a bench with some bushes behind them, while I was standing on the corner of a street (leaning against a corner shop wall), watching them. 'Ken' had his arm around the little girl and his face was close to hers - I thought his face looked distorted and creepy from the profile view. The little girl had a package with her, which was from her 'real father'. 'Ken' opened the package and inside was a homemade greetings card, which had a very shiny front cover and words (I cannot recall what) written in glitter text. Underneath this was a photograph of 'the father', who was 'Ken's' son in the soap - 'Peter Barlow' played by Chris Gascoyne. This meant that 'Ken' was her paternal grandfather. I was not shocked by this revelation,  but it appeared that 'Ken' was and he was saying that 'it didn't matter who her father was' and it was clear that he was not going to tell the little girl who it was or how she was related to the Barlow family. 

Scene 3: A Snowy Scene - Night
I was then watching a scene which was of a snowy location - it was night and very dark. I was not actually there - this was an active depiction of a movie I was involved in making, which was to be set in a very snowy place and involved some form of warriors/knights on horseback who were going to be fighting against rival warriors/knights. I was trying to decide what weapons should be used in my movie, as it was not set in any particular time or location (other than 'snowy location'), so I was free to be as creative as possible. Currently, the warriors/knights (there were about 3 in view) were holding swords, but I was debating if there was a better weapon they could use, as I wanted the fight scenes to be dramatic and well-choreographed and I thought swords were too boring. I considered guns, but also realised that these would be too boring. I was then trying to work out if it would be possible to design a weapon which was powered by crystals and worked in the same way as lightsabers, but was aware that this would plagiarise/copy Star Wars, so was probably a bad idea. I saw the swords - held downwards by the warriors/knights sitting on horseback - glowing a bright white colour, and was disappointed that I could not borrow the lightsaber idea. I was getting bored of trying to design my movie at this point as I could not think of an appropriate weapon to make the fight scenes and plotline exciting. 

Scene 4: An Interior Scene, Sheringham - Evening
I was then in my home town of Sheringham, in a domestic interior which appeared to be my family home (living with my Mum and Stepdad), but was not one from real life. Judging by where I exited from the house (at the sea end of the high street) a short period of time later, I was able to locate the position of this dream house as being near the amusement arcades and sea front pubs (where I did used to live as a young child, although our home was right on the promenade, not on the actual high street in real life). I was talking to my Mum and was aware that it was carnival day. I cannot recall what task I had to do, but it involved me leaving the house to go out into the street. It was dusk. 

I was walking up the high street towards the 'top' of town - I think I had to go to a shop, but I cannot recall the details. I passed by a waste bin on the side of the pavement (outside a shop) which had some white glass lamps stacked on it. I then saw that on the ground in front of me was a small green glass bottle. I would describe the shape as an 'elixir bottle' (see image, below - the most similar image was available under the description 'green glass decanter bottle') and it was about half the size of a Coke can. I threw this bottle into the road and it smashed beside a parked white van. I felt a stabbing pain in my foot and looked down to see I was bare foot and a long needle-like shard of green glass was piercing through the inner side of my left foot - in the instep/arched part. This was very deeply embedded and I was worried, so stopped to remove it. A female (dream character) pushing a child's pushchair walked past on the right side of me (the road side) while I was standing removing the glass from my foot. She said something (unrecalled) to me and I replied that I was 'making my foot safe'. After I removed the glass in one long piece I realised that I had some kind of clear plastic valve attached to my foot in the exact same place that the green glass needle had been imbedded. This had not been there when I had been pulling the glass needle out of my foot, as other than being impaled by glass, my foot had definitely appeared as normal when I was looking at my foot. The presence of the valve did not bother or concern me - it seemed normal and natural. I pulled the end of this valve outwards, seeing that there was a black nozzle on the end - the clear plastic tubing extended for about 5 cm from my foot. It was like the kind of valve you use to blow up an airbed/paddling pool - or some other form of inflatable item (see image, below). I adjusted this valve/nozzle on my foot so that I could continue my journey up the street.

I cannot recall what else happened in this dream.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • Star Wars as a dream theme

  • I was going to do a second PhD
  • I was watching a character from a soap opera in the fictional location where the TV show is set
  • I was watching a live-action of a plan for a movie I was making
  • I lived with my parents on Sheringham High Street
  • My foot had a valve/nozzle growing out of it

Day Residue: 
  • I have recently been reading Trainspotting
  • 2 days before this dream I had been reading a magazine in the waiting room of the medical centre - I read an interview with a cast member from Coronation Street in which she referred to William Roach/'Ken Barlow'
  • A short while before this dream I watched a Grav3yardgirl video on Youtube where she was using glitter to customise a MAC lipstick
  • On the day of this dream I had read an online conversation in a Facebook comment thread where a young woman was telling other people that her baby 'did not have a father'
  • In Dream 782 - 'The Omen' I had made reference to After Last Season (2009) which is set in a snowy location
  • I had a recent dream, Dream 773 - 'Kylo Ren's Lightsaber' - in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) there is a scene in snow. I see numerous Star Wars references on a daily basis as I follow a number of fan/meme pages online (Facebook)
  • A short while before I had this dream I had to go and speak to some students in my capacity as a Senior Resident. I had a frustrating conversation with 2 males who were trying to argue against the action being taken in relation to the behaviour of one of them. I then randomly recalled an email from another student in this flat who had (separately) complained of broken glass being smashed outside the flat a few weeks ago. She had informed me that her friend had nearly stepped on the broken shards of glass and was asking me who to contact to get it safely cleared up

Waking Reactions: 
This dream was highly influenced by Day Residue, some recent and some more general. I feel that analysing the influences that come from my Day Residue really help me to become more conscious of my waking thoughts, memories and feelings and also improve my ability to recall waking influences I have been exposed to, some of which are quite subtle. 

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