Sunday 18 October 2020

Dream 1077

 'Milkman Elections'

Date: 9 April 2020
Sleep times: Night (Unknown)
Dream type: Normal Dream
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Mermaid Dream (Day 13) - Unsuccessful 

Scene 1
Location: A School Canteen
Time: Day
I was with AJ in his place of work, which seemed to be a kitchen and then I suddenly became aware that he worked in a school canteen. I did not realise at first, as it seemed like a normal catering premises; I only realised it was a school when I heard a bell ring and AJ told me that he had to get back to work. I cannot recall where the location was. I left.

AJ then called me on my mobile phone. He tells me they are holding elections for the next local milkman. I knew this was a regular, annual occurrence. I asked AJ who he was going to vote for and he said 'Adam Driver' who I recognised to be the actor, who plays 'Kylo Ren' in the Star Wars sequels. I agreed with AJ, saying that he would make an excellent milkman.

Scene 2
Location: Sheringham High Street
Time: Day
I am then in Sheringham High Street, which looked a bit different. The typical small seaside town high street looked like it was 'drawn' or depicted (in a 3-dimensional way, which also gave me the impression of a movie set) in a manner which suggested Victorian/Gothic style, but in a cartoony, caricatured way. Everything seemed transformed and enhanced. I am walking down towards the sea and when I get to the bottom of the high street, where the promenade starts, I hear some shouts which I recognise to come from old school friends of mine (from Sheringham). I do not feel scared or alarmed and perceive that people are trying to get my attention. There was a large group when I turn around.

There was one dream character based on a real life person from my school days. This dream character was based on a girl from my year whose mum was a school dinner lady at our primary school - AG. AG was wearing baggy, flared jeans and skater shoes with a casual top as far as I recall. 

AG steps away from the group so that it just me and her in conversation. She looked like her teenage self although I was aware we were both adults. AG told me that she had become a prostitute because her brother has lost his job as the local milkman and she needed to make money to support her family.

  • AG had a brother called 'Ben' - Ben is the real name of the character 'Kylo Ren'. I believe (from memory) that AG has a family member called 'Ben Driver'.

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