Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dream 202

This was a very confusing dream as it kept changing, although the actual narrative was quite simple. It started with me just having given birth to a baby. I was in an unfamiliar room which was quite dark and had a shop counter along one wall and a bed along another. I was standing at the shop counter, looking at the shelves behind it, which were stocked with groceries. Next to me at the counter were two males - both quite short with black hair and wearing white shirts. It was obvious to me that they were gay men in a relationship. I was also aware that I had just given birth to a son, and that one of the men (the one standing closest to me) was the father. The non-father male went behind the shop counter - it was his shop. I turned to my son's father and said: "When you have access to the baby you must always feed him whole foods". I was very concerned that my baby have the correct nutrition. The male said: "What about meat?" I said: "No, I don't want him to eat sausages". The male then said: "What about bread?" to which I replied: "Only if you bake it yourself". I looked at the groceries behind the counter and said: "The baby must not eat any food from this shop..." I felt anxious about letting my son's father look after him, as I wanted to care for him by myself. 

The scene changed and I was in a large family home - which was also unfamiliar to me in waking-life, but which was the home of my ex-boyfriend HL in the dream. His whole family lived there with him. The house was decorated in white and had lots of sofas in a huge lounge, where his family were gathered. This was the first time I actually saw my baby and I could see he looked Chinese. I was talking to HL's sister, and found his family were very supportive and wanted to help me care for the baby, which I was holding, wrapped in a white shawl. I was passing the baby to his family members and chatting in a friendly way with them. 

The scene changed again and I was watching the action from a disconnected, third person perspective. There was a girl standing in the centre of a forest which had a forked road in it. The girl had strawberry blonde hair and was wearing a long, flowing white dress. She stood at the fork of the road, looking confused. To her (and my) left side, there was another girl - she was dark-haired and wore glasses, dressed casually in jeans. She was trying to persuade the blonde girl to go home to her parents, but the blonde girl was refusing, saying that she was waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. Suddenly, a young male arrived, riding a large horse. He stood to the right of the two females. I was aware that the blonde girl was intending to ride off with the male - and take part in some kind of race. However, instead of a horse, she was going to ride in a white lorry-like vehicle, which I could now see in front of  the characters. The male rode off on her horse. Then, without the girl getting in the lorry, it started to move away, at speed. I was watching the scene from above and witnessed the lorry driving by itself onto a residential road lined with trees and other parked vehicles, where it crashed into a load of cars.

I then was standing outside a building, leaning on a brick wall, which was approximately waist-height. HL's family approached, his sister carrying my baby. She said to him: "There you go, back to your grandmother!" I was confused as I was his mother and not old enough to be a grandmother. I said: "No, I'm his mother" and took the baby from her. He now seemed very big - about the size of a four year old child, although he still had the face of a baby. I laid him down on the brick wall and started tickling his belly - he had a really strange protruding belly button. He was laughing and said: "Do it again!"

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