Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dream 198

I was in a very dark room. Along one wall of this room was a grey box office counter with a man standing behind it. There were other people in the room, but everything looked unclear and hazy, like the room was smoky or foggy. I was standing in a queue with my friend NN. We were holding some boxes. While the man behind the box office was talking to another person (customer?), he kept swearing, in particular using the word 'fucking'. NN said to me that this was a scene from Eastenders. I said: "But they don't swear in Eastenders". NN said: "They do now, it's a new thing..." We stood in queue listening to the swearing man for a while. Then the scene changed - we were now in a long, brightly-lit room. NN had organised for every person from our high school year to come - for a party or some sort of gathering. Suddenly, every student from our year of high school came rushing into the room in single file - I was able to recognise these people as they ran past me. They all looked the same as they had at school - i.e. they were their 16 year old selves. They passed through the room and out of a door at the other end. Then, one boy, LM approached us, asking if he had missed out on the party from arriving late. NN told him he was too late to join in. 

The scene changed and it was now daylight. I was sitting in a car with PL, at an intersection. I could see that we were in a town, with shops and traffic lights visible through the car windows. PL kept repeating himself, asking: "But would you be OK with the...laundry?" Every time he said "laundry" he stumbled and stuttered the word, which made it seem as if the word was difficult for him to say (he is British-born Chinese so speaks English fluently as a first language, with a local accent). Whenever he said "laundry" I got the impression he meant "rubbish",  but tried to reassure him that I was 'OK' with it - I am not sure in what context he was asking me. 

I was then in a brightly-lit space with JT. She was trying to make a telephone call to her mum, who was apparently unwell. We were sitting on a white tiled floor, but I cannot recall any other details about the environment. I was aware I was receiving £500 into my bank account. I saw the number 500 in big blue letters, close-up. JT and I were then packing white clothes into suitcases which were placed on a bed with white linen. Everything seemed unclear and confusing. 

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