Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Dream 644

'Adopting my Meth-Addicted AIDS Victim Son'
Date: 31 May 2016
Time: 05:00 - 13:00 (I woke up from this dream due to an alarm clock)
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Moderate recall

Scene 1: A Domestic Interior (Location Unknown) - Time Unknown
I was in a domestic interior, sitting on a long bench-like sofa. Next to me was a small child - around 4 years of age. He was mixed-race. He had short curly hair and brown skin. He was wearing a T-shirt, shorts and sandals - so it seemed like it might be summer. I was aware that my son (I do not know his name, or cannot recall it) had the AIDS virus and was also addicted to methamphetamine (crystal meth). This made me feel all the more protective of him, and I wanted to care for him and make sure he was as healthy as possible. He was climbing on the seat next to me. 

We went into a different room, which was a lounge, quite dimly lit. My Stepdad was sitting in an armchair in front of an open fire, and I was aware that this was my parents' house in this dream. My Stepdad started shouting at me for adopting a child with so many personal problems, and I was remaining calm, but opposing him/arguing back, saying that my son was my responsibility. 

My son then grabbed a large metal spade/shovel (which had been beside the fireplace - the fireplace had a red brick surround). He threw the spade/shovel into the fire and it quickly melted. This annoyed my Stepdad, and I tried to pacify him, saying: 'It's the methamphetamine addiction controlling him, he doesn't know what he's doing!' I took my son to the dining table, which was just behind my Stepdad's armchair. I sat him down and gave him dinner, which was a large bowl of prawns. My Mum entered the room, saying: 'What is he eating?' I said: 'He only eats prawns'. My Mum and Stepdad were complaining. 

Scene 2: A Domestic Interior (Location Unknown) - Time Unknown
I was in a different domestic interior, which seemed like a flat/apartment in an urban area (as I think I saw from the window that we were on a high storey of the building, as I could see grey rooftops). I was with CEC. She was showing me photographs (A4 sized, printed onto paper) of some men. The photographs were like mugshots. CEC pointed 2 of the men out as 'coming from Liverpool' and said that these were the more dangerous of the men - because they were violent criminals. She said that they would be visiting us in this apartment flat, but she wanted to cancel their visit. 

I think that there was more action/events to this dream, but I cannot recall anything else at present. If I recall anything else, I will record it below.

Extra Information: None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • None of note

  • Me adopting a child with AIDS and a drug addiction
  • A large metal spade melted in a fireplace

Day Residue: 
  • The day of this dream I had been using a 'Face Morph' app too morph the faces of myself and my American friend, SS (who is part African-American, part Hispanic) - I said that we would have an attractive child (based on the face morphed child) - and he agreed
  • The day of this dream SS had shown me some pictures of him as a small child
  • CEC is planning a visit to me next week - she has recently been subjected to domestic violence, which we had discussed on the day of this dream

Waking Reactions: 
This was a really strange dream for me, because usually in dreams where I am in the role of mother/expectant mother, I have very negative reactions to my child, either wishing it away, or abandoning it. However, in this dream I had very maternal, protective feelings towards my adoptive child, especially due to his health problems. 

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