Friday, 7 October 2016

Dream 708

'Top of the Class'
Date: 6 October 2016
Time: 20:00 - 02:00 (Unintentional Nap - I woke up from this dream naturally)
Type of dream: Normal dream
Dream recall: Normal recall

This dream is part of my Dream Incubation Experiment - Eminem / Marshall Mathers III Dream - click HERE (post will open in a new window) to see the details of this Dream Incubation Experiment, including the methodology and results of previous Dream Incubation Experiments.

Scene 1: Unknown Interior Location (University) - Time Unknown
I was in a room which looked like a classroom, but there were many dream characters present. It reminded me of my primary school more than a university, but I was aware that this was a university and I was on an undergraduate degree course. On a desk in the corner of the room was a pile of papers - marked exam sheets. I was aware the exam was in Law - my real life academic subject and the one I was studying in this dream also. I went to find my paper to get my grade, expecting to fail. I saw that I had scored '89' which I assumed was a percentage and made me top of the class. However, I then saw that someone had a score which was something like '10,000'. I wondered how this was a possible mark, and the middle-aged female teacher (who I had not seen before this moment) said: 'They [she may have named the student] wrote their answers lots of times to clock up that score'. I then realised that this person had 'cheated' by putting the same correct one-word answer a number of times to increase their mark, but in essence, I had come top of the class with my mark, because I had only written each correct answer once. 

I walked over to my Mum who was sitting with some other people a short distance away, on the floor. My Mum was ignoring me while I was trying to tell her about my exam grade, which in the dream meant that I had successfully completed my Law degree. She didn't seem to care, so I screamed: 'I failed Maths!' to get her attention. This made her turn to me, so I said: 'I mean, I passed Law'. My Mum started crying with relief, but I felt angry that I had to lie about me failing something to get her to pay attention to my achievements. 

Scene 2: An Interior Location - Night
I was then in a room which may have been within my university. It was quite dark in the room, and in the middle of the floor was a white screen - a curtain on a metal structure which shielded part of the room from view. I had acquired a special printer/photocopier, which came in two parts - one part had a projector attached to it and was pushed up against the white screen/curtain. The other part was the printer, which was so high powered it could reproduce the actual pen/pencil/paint etc it was copying in colour and texture. A dream character present in the room encouraged me to demonstrate how the machine worked. I had a flyer in my hand, which had a children's picture drawn in pastel crayons - I think it was a picture of a clown and I noticed that lilac was the main colour. The flyer was for a party and had been designed by my friend/colleague DB. I decided to photocopy it and looked in the paper tray of the printer. I noticed that the paper there was not blank, but were the pieces which had been printed on in error (so some of them had small amounts of black text along the top) and were being recycled so that they did not go to waste. I was not confident the printer would work. I was frustrated as I did not know how to operate it. I eventually managed to get another copy of DB's flyer, but in my opinion there was something wrong with the copy and my printer had not worked as expected (although judging by the fact that it did produce a replica of the original flyer, I am not sure what the problem was).

I was then planning to go to a party - taking my cousin HM with me. My Stepdad was insisting on giving us a ride to the party, but I wanted to walk there with HM instead. HM looked like her younger self. I think I wanted us to be able to walk to the party because we could have more fun on the journey.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream, but I think there are some details I have forgotten. 

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • My Mum as a dream character
  • Party

  • I was studying for an undergraduate degree which I have already completed 
  • The printer/photocopier came in two parts, one of which had a projector 
  • HM looked like her younger self

Day Residue: 
  • I have been doing a lot of studying (Law Research) and also applied to mark exam papers for extra income
  • A couple of days before this dream I had a conversation with a new undergraduate student about academic degrees and exam stress
  • The day before this dream I had been discussing my learning difficulties in relation to maths and how I had performed very badly at this academic subject - the only one to have ever caused me any problems, as I find academia and studying comes naturally to me
  • Shortly before this dream I had been to the library to use the printers - to print the first draft of my postgraduate thesis. I had specifically thought about how sometimes I used to find people had tried to recycle pieces of paper where only 1 or 2 lines of text had printed on them in error and how annoying this would be. I also had hoped the printer would not run out of paper as I needed to print 150 sheets
  • The day of this dream I saw a meme online which read: 'Clown Lives Matter'
  • My friends DB and RS invited my colleagues and I to a gathering in their flat next week

Waking Reactions: 
This dream did not reference my Dream Incubation Experiment or Eminem. This dream was enjoyable, even though not much happened. It seemed to be a confusing dream while I was still in the process of dreaming it. I think that the final part of the dream - where HM and I were preparing to go to the party - was much longer, but I have forgotten a lot of information about  this section of the dream. If I recall anything further about this dream, I will record it below.

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