Friday, 14 July 2017

Dream 848

'Bad Weed Deal'
Date:  4 July 2017
Time: 22:30 - 05:00 (I woke up from this dream naturally)
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall 

Scene 1: Location Unknown - Time Unknown
I was buying some cannabis from a real life friend of mine, RD. I bought £80 worth, which is 8g, so just over a quarter ounce. This cannabis was in 2 separate baggies and looked fine. I went to a location (the location prior to this was unrecalled or unknown), which had a large desk. I unwrapped the cannabis and laid it out on the desk. I was annoyed to find that the cannabis was 'wrapped' around mud and stones - therefore the weight of the actual cannabis was far less than 8g - the weight was made up from the mud and stones. I decided that I must try and get back my money from RD, as he had conned me. 

I spoke to someone, who was either a banker or finance person, and we were looking at an online payment system, which I had used to pay RD for the cannabis. This dream character was male and I do not know anything else about him, other than he was helping me to trace/stop the money transfer to RD. We seemed to be looking at some form of online banking, as the information on the screen, were my 'transactions'. All of a sudden a blue square appeared on the screen, which was a confirmation that my £80 had transferred to RD, automatically. I was angry, but the  banker dream character told me that he could reverse it, and he did something with the website to reverse the money transfer, confirming that my £80 had been refunded.

Scene 2: The Two Lifeboats Hotel, Sheringham - Evening
I found myself in the Two Lifeboats Hotel, which is the establishment my Mum used to manage many years ago. It is a sea-front pub/hotel which is frequented by tourists in the holiday seasons. I was in the 'Augusta Bar' which has seaviews. From this bar, you can not only see the promenade, beaches and sea, but you can look to the left and see a row of holiday homes. I used to live in one of these buildings when I was a child. I have attached photographs which show the locations I am referring to, although the interior of the pub may be very different to how I recall it as it is now owned by other people and has undergone refurbishment. My Mum was working in the pub in this dream -  I saw her in front of me, at the other end of the room, talking to customers, while holding a big serving platter.

The bar looked as I expected it to, from my memories. It was completely crowded by customers, many of whom were older men. I was looking out of one of the bay windows, directly down on one of the holiday homes. There was sign outside the house, saying that it had been purchased by someone - it wasn't an estate agent's sign - it was more of a 'welcome' sign that someone might use to decorate the outside of their house. It was handpainted and yellow - with something which looked like an image of a crab or lobster on it. It would be impossible for me to really look out of this bay window 'down' onto the front area of any of the holiday homes, as the window and these properties are all on the same level, as can be seen from the images I have included in this post.

I was told by one of the older male customers that RD and his family had purchased the property. When I say 'RD's family' I mean him and his parents, as opposed to him, his partner and his own children. I was telling the customers in the pub that I wanted to go round to the house to have a word with RD and tell him how unhappy I was that he had tried to con me with the cannabis deal. The customers were supportive of me, and some of them were expressing annoyance with RD and his father for various (unrecalled) reasons, which made me think they were very unpopular. I knew it was evening as the sky was darkening, as it does at dusk. I had a calm feeling, looking out at the promenade and down at the picturesque holiday homes (which in the dream were flint cottages), despite being annoyed. I guess my annoyance abated by the fact my money had been returned, but I still felt disappointed that my friend had tried to take my money dishonestly. 

I then got a mental image - like a picture in my entire field of vision, as if I was watching it on a big screen. It was a simple animation of coloured lines shooting from different angles, and then intersecting in the middle. I realised, suddenly - 'this is a diagram explaining what intersectionality means'. I had been thinking about intersectionality earlier in the waking day, and wondered what it would look like in a visual format (as I have never researched precisely what it meant by the term, and simply understand as it has been articulated in popular media). I found I had understanding from how it was depicted in the dream.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • None of note


  • The strange banking system I was using
  • I was in the Two Lifeboats Hotel
  • RD and his family had moved into a holiday home next to the Two Lifeboats Hotel - which I could see from the bay window of the pub
  • The 'intersectionality' image

Day Residue: 
  • I had been discussing Paypal and how to stop or get a refund for a transfer of cash in the event of a fraud or misconduct - my friend's brother is in this situation currently with regard to services he paid for which were not delivered
  • On the day of this dream I had been researching Bitcoin
  • On the day of this dream I had seen a comment online which referred to feminism and intersectionality. After this dream, I researched intersectionality and found that the visual depiction in my dream was very accurate as to how the theory is depicted in diagrammatic form

Waking Reactions: 
This was a very interesting dream, as it combined a number of elements of Day Residue and also involved a dream fragment which accurately explained something which I was able to check online afterwards. This demonstrates that my subconscious 'understood' what intersectionality was and could form a corresponding visual depiction, which my conscious mind had not been able to fully grasp. 

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