Sunday, 17 March 2019

Weird Dream Coincidence or Dream Premonition?

This is a strange event that happened recently, so I thought I'd record it. The title refers to notions of mere coincidence or dream premonition. I am a sceptic and do not believe in the paranormal or supernatural, even if I do sometimes question events/occurrences which I can find no scientific or logical explanation for. 

Anyway, sometime in February 2019 I had a dream which involved an old friend of mine, SVF - Dream 958 - 'Stolen Cannabis' (on post entitled Dreams 950 - 960). I have not seen SVF in years (more than a decade, I imagine). I have not had any contact with her as she is not on social media, and I have tried to locate her on a number of occasions. I have never found her. We were best friends at high school and many of our formative experiences are shared ones. 

A few days ago, out of the blue, a third-party (LA), a girl from my hometown (Sheringham), who was SVF's friend from the year above us in high school (and therefore a friend of a friend, and someone I liked), contacted me on Facebook. She was not a Facebook friend, and I have not had any interaction with her for even longer than a decade - perhaps not since high school/sixth form college. She said SVF wanted to get in contact with me and asked her to pass on SVF's phone number. I told LA I'd just dreamed of SVF randomly a number of days before - she was surprised by this coincidence too.

I contacted SVF and we plan to meet. I will tell her about her dream appearance when we catch up. 

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