Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Dream 1063

'Accidental Orgies & Assaults'
Date: 13 January 2020
Sleep times: Unknown
Dream type: Normal

Scene 1
Location: A party/social gathering in a sparsely-decorated white room
Time: Day
I was in an interior which was a social gathering/party. I am not sure of the location (which had tables/chairs and food lid out). I knew some of the guests - my Mum and some of my friends were present.

I cannot recall some of the action, but there was some kind of dispute. I am not sure if it involved my Mum and I or third-parties, but we were discussing this while eating food. I was enjoying the food - there were large shell-on king prawns, which were bright red in colour and tasted better than any seafood I have ever eaten. However, they were a different shape to normal prawns/shrimps - they were really long and thin, almost the length of a standard biro pen, with a large head. They looked quite phallic, and I commented this in the dream. However, this did not concern me - I thought the phallic shape of the prawns made them more fancy and special. My Mum and I discussed how great the catering was. 

Part of the room we were in changed and I suddenly became aware that it was a composite of the original (fairly unfurnished room) and my own bedroom in my Nan's house in Sheringham. There were 2 single beds and I was in the one on the opposite side of my bedroom to where my bed is in real life (my Mum used to have a bed in this position when we shared a room). I was in the bed with my friends LD1, AK and my boyfriend, AJ. I was engaged in some kind of horseplay with the 3 males, play-fighting/wrestling. I then decided to undress (I have no recollection of what I was wearing). The males then undressed too, still under the covers. I was very keen to have sex with my boyfriend AJ. LD1 and AK were getting in the way. AJ is at the foot of the bed. I accidentally kiss AK - this appears to be some kind of joke we are all laughing about. I feel slightly awkward about this, but still want to have sex with AJ. We are then interrupted by my Mum, who pulls the covers off us and demands that we show some kind of moral or social decency as we are at a party. I feel ashamed and embarrassed, as the implication is that we were about to engage in an orgy of some kind. We get out of the bed and I presumably re-dress. AJ wanders off to talk to other party guests. I am with my Mum who is angry about my behaviour and having a go at me for shaming her in a party scenario. I am trying to defend myself by saying the 'orgy' was accidental. 

The room then appeared to be a composite between the sparsely-decorated party venue and a train. The seats on the train were all the 4-person table-seats. The room is more of a carriage/corridor than an open room. The guests were seated and food was laid out on the tables between the seats. The room/train was stationary - it did not appear we were travelling anywhere.

I noticed a stereotypical husband and wife - very nondescript and basic/conservative in appearance. They seemed to be in their 30s, white and dressed in smart-casual clothing. The couple did not like me and the woman made an (unrecalled) allegation against me. I am not sure what this related to, but it made me very angry. She was making a scene and I was already embarrassed about the orgy. I began to argue with her (I cannot recall what words were actually said here). I perceived myself to have the balance of power here as I felt I was the more physically strong out of us and that I could beat her in a physical fight, although I also did not want to fight or escalate the situation. I was standing in the 'corridor' or aisle of the carriage and the woman was leaning over the table. I can only recall the husband being very passive and quiet throughout. I then realise that my only option is to punch the woman hard in the face. I do so, and she sits down. Her reaction to the punch appeared to be cartoon-like; she wobbled and looked momentarily dazed. 

I walk off and go to talk to my Mum, who is aware that I have assaulted the woman. My Mum informs me that the police are on their way to arrest me. I was laughing and saying it did not matter because I had a defence (unclear what it was). I was completely unconcerned and just wanted to get back to partying and having fun. My Mum told me that I would be thrown out of the venue due to my actions. My Mum referred to the owner of the venue - a man named 'Shiv'. 

  • The day before this dream I had been discussing eating lobster with AJ - he has never tried it before and I was telling him how delicious it is.
  • While walking around campus I saw a scorpion-shaped plastic toy. A first I thought it might be a lobster as it was a red-orange colour.
  • The night before this dream I had considered ordering a prawn curry from an Indian takeaway.
  • I had a recent conversation with my friend LD1 about heterosexual porn and had also discussed sex with AJ the night before this dream.
  • My aunt's friend was removed from the wedding reception venue for her drunken, aggressive behaviour on New Year's Eve.
  • I use the name 'Shiv' as a joke when writing troll comments about Sheev Palpatine (Darth Sidious/The Emperor) in Star Wars. On the day before this I had commented on an image posted on Facebook, which depicted a naked woman on all-fours, showing her genitals to a crowd of excited men. The message was that once everyone has seen something, it is no longer of value. One of the men depicted in the cartoon image looked like Palpatine (in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)), when he pulls a particularly weird and funny face (see image, below) - I commented this on the post, referring to the male as 'Shiv'.
  • The day of this dream I had been watching 'Star Wars Theory' on Youtube - a video of '10 facts about Sheev Palpatine'.

An Imperial TIE Fighter from Star Wars
Sheev Palpatine aka 'Darth Sidious'

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