Sunday, 26 April 2020

Dream 1076

'Katy Perry Defrauds the NHS'
Date: 5 April 2020
Sleep times: Night (Unknown)
Dream type: Normal Dream
Additional: Dream Incubation Experiment - A Mermaid Dream (Day 9) - Unsuccessful 

Scene 1
Location: Hospital (Location Unknown)
Time: Unknown
I think I have forgotten the start of this dream, but I was ended up going to a hospital to have my foot x-rayed. I saw some big close-up XRays of my foot - they were massive - about the size of a poster (about 4 times the size of my foot) and unrolled like a scroll/pirates's treasure map. It looked more like a blueprint than an XRay. They were a yellowy-brown colour, which made them appear even more like a treasure map. 

I was in the process of discharging myself from the hospital (my foot is deformed, but there is no treatment, so I have to leave), I see Katy Perry who is impersonating an NHS nurse. This makes me really angry - because I dislike her, and also because she is fraudulently pretending to be a nurse which I feel to be morally wrong. Katy Perry denied she was lying when I confronted her, but I cannot recall anything else about this part of the dream.

Scene 2
Time: Unknown
I was then with my friend R3A. I do not know where we were, but he was sitting on a chaise lounge and he had a book, which looked like a pamphlet or fanzine (folded paper). I am looking at him. Where he is sitting, I am in a position to see what he is looking at within the booklet (although it is likely this would be physically impossible in real life). I saw some graphic/diagramatic drawings which I cannot recall, but I could read the writing which accompanied them. It said that R3A had claimed that he was responsible for inventing the tesseract from Interstellar (2014) and he was going to be sued by the person who had really invented it (breach of copyright? fraud?) I thought R3A was taking this very calmly and passively, as he was simply sitting there, not really reacting. I cannot recall any conversation with him.

I do not recall anything else about this dream.
  • In February I had an accident, where I ran into a wall while trying to get to my landline phone before my answerphone cut in (I knew it would be AJ) - I dislocated my toe and it has never felt the same again. I thought that if I saw an XRay of my foot the bones would look deformed
  • I read an article about Katy Perry being pregnant. I hate Katy Perry. I had also seen her in a Youtube compilation video, showing clips of Ellen DeGeneres (who I also dislike) being rude to guests
  • The NHS nurse reference is clearly related to the public (and probably worldwide) praise for the NHS in during the Corona Virus crisis
  • I had watched a Youtube video which explained the end of Interstellar, and also discussed the movie separately with my friend DH the day before this dream
Katy Perry

Tesseract scene in Interstellar (2014)


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  1. Wow this Is a really good dream, what does it mean if you dream of a Pig that is stuck on a Planet? I had a dream where I was with my Sister and we saw a News show on the Television and it told us to rescue a Pig from a Planet far out of our Solar System. My Sister had a net, but it was for Butterflies, so we knew it would be useless for Pigcatching. I have always wondered if this had a deeper Meaning? What do you think? My Sister has no interest in Pigcatching or Butterflies if it helps, she is a Celiac with slight coordination issues in her hands.