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'Ewan McGregor, My Lucid Lover & Bad Teacher'
Date: 9 August 2017
Time: 22:30 - 05:00
Type of dream: Lucid False Awakening (Fully Lucid with Moderate Dream Control & Moderate Dream Stability)
Dream recall: Strong recall 

False Awakening - My Bedroom
I woke up in my bed, facing the wall, so my back was towards the empty space in the room. I could feel something poking me in my back and felt scared, but strangely accepted this - at this point I was not lucid nor aware this was a false awakening. I just seemed to think: 'Not this again!' Then, suddenly, it was as if my logical reasoning switched on, because I questioned what could be poking my back when I was alone in my house and did not ever sleep with anyone present in the room. I realised this must be a false awakening and I was in a dream state. I found that I did not have sleep paralysis and could move freely, so I sat up suddenly, wondering what I would see in my room. I reached out my hand, in the dark, seeing that my room did look as I would expect it to in real life, other than my duvet was white, not purple. I wished for a knife to come into my hand, so I could be protected (given most of my false awakenings lead to nightmarish happenings, even when I am lucid). A long kitchen knife appeared in my outstretched hand. 

I felt that there was something in the room, just behind the curtain - the window is above the pillows on my bed. I started shouting: 'Come out!' because I just wanted it to reveal itself as soon as possible so that the dream could move forward, as the tension and apprehension was unpleasant. Nothing happened. I decided to change the dream and make it more interesting, so I started shouting: 'Ewan!' hoping to bring Ewan McGregor into my dream.

Amazingly, after I shouted out Ewan's name a few times, I saw him standing against what, in real life, would be my fitted wardrobe, but in the dream version was a plain white wall. Ewan looked as he does while playing Mark Renton in Trainspotting (1996), so very young and skinny. He had his hands out on either side, like a crucifixion. He was wearing a navy T-shirt and jeans. I could see a strip of flesh where his T-shirt was riding up on his waist. He looked like he had been out in the rain, or very sweaty. This image of him was very clear to me, like I saw it on a photograph and looked at it for a long time. It was dark in my room, as it would be in real life, but it was just light enough to see colours. 

I laid back on my bed and opened my legs wide - I was naked (in real life I was wearing shorts and a cropped top). Ewan approached me and - without me seeing/waiting for him to undress, he was naked and we started having sex in the missionary position (click here and here for articles on Lucid Dream Sex; and here for an article on Wet Dreams). 

This was one of the best lucid dream experiences, as I love Ewan and the sex was mind-blowing, I could feel the build up to an orgasm (so, leading to a wet dream), but I lapsed from lucidity and went into a normal non-lucid dream before I could reach the climactic finale of the sex with Ewan. This was obviously disappointing to me when I woke up and thought about this subsequently. 

Scene 1: A School - Day
I was in a school - not one from real life. It seemed to be a high school. AKB - a girl I went to school with was present. There was a school dinner - with baked beans and potatoes and something else on the plate. We were sitting at desks - myself, AKB and other students who may or may not have been people I knew from real life. I was then aware that Ewan McGregor was my teacher. I was in love with him - and he was Ewan McGregor the actor, not just him as a regular teacher, so I felt overwhelmed to be in his class. I cannot recall what Ewan was wearing at this stage in the dream, but I do not think he was wearing the costume I saw him in later. There was an assignment and he was coming round to look at our exercise books to make sure we were doing the work correctly. He looked at the work of a male dream character and seemed to be impressed. The phrase 'common den' was on someone's work - and Ewan read this phrase out. In my waking mind, it may be 'come on then', but my perception was that it was 'common den' as I started thinking about a small room. 

When Ewan came to look at my work, I stood up from my desk. I then realised that the room was open-plan and had no walls - as I could see the corridor behind us. Ewan was not impressed with my work, and furthermore, he seemed annoyed at me and very aloof and rude. I realised that he was able to see - from my writing in the exercise book (which I could not specifically read - and was written in pencil) - that I was in love with him. This seemed to make him act more rudely towards me, and I got the idea that he was trying to exploit me in some way. 

I followed Ewan out into the corridor. He was now dressed as Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast and he started prancing down was looked like a typical school corridor, with lockers and classroom doors on one side, and windows down the other. Groups of students - mainly male - were praising Ewan as he pranced by. He seemed very smug and patronising and everyone seemed to be in thrall of his celebrity status and were telling him what a great teacher he was. I did not think he was a great teacher at all - I thought he was too over-confident and arrogant and did not care for his students at all. I kept trying to stop Ewan so that I could have a rational discussion with him about why his teaching was bad and why I felt angry at his behaviour towards me, but he just kept indicating that we should walk (well, he was prancing, I was walking backwards at one point, facing him, while trying to get his attention) so that we could reach whatever location we were heading towards. This part of the dream was very frustrating. 

Scene 2: A Suburban Area - Dusk
I was aware that I was in a relationship with PS, my ex-boyfriend, who I had had some form of argument with. I was outside a house on a housing estate, which is not one I know from real life. In the dream, PS lived in a semi-detached brick house, which was in a typical suburban street with cars parked on the side of the road. PS was accusing me of having an affair with his friend, LRB, who in the dream had snitched on PS for some criminal activity - maybe it was possession of cannabis? It wasn't clear. I was telling PS that I had not cheated on him with LRB, but he was not willing to listen. LRB turned up in a car - in the dream he had ginger-brown hair, not black hair. He tried to reason with PS, telling him that he had not snitched and I had not cheated, but PS would not listen. The next thing I recall, I was in a public toilet with LRB. It turned out that now we were romantically or sexually involved with each other - we were looking at something in a bag on the floor of the toilet. 

I was then at the seaside with PS, standing on a pier. I was trying to explain events to him and make up with him, as it was him I wanted to be with. However, he was not interested. I tried to hug him and was rejected, which left me feeling very sad. 

Scene 3: A Home - Day
I was then looking at a male dream character, who in the dream was a Youtuber. I am not sure if I was there in person or watching him on a screen, as I was not part of the action, I was a passive observer. The male was young (20s or early 30s) and white, with brown hair. He was quite thin and dressed very casually - I knew he was 'working-class'. He was sitting in an armchair in a normal lounge, slouched and drinking a can of lager. He seemed to be very annoyed and was talking - as if recording a video for Youtube, as it was a ranting monologue, not a conversation. He described going into 'the city' and buying some very cheap jeans - a fact which he was pleased about at first. Then he started talking about a baby daughter who had been treated negligently by a doctor with 'dirty hands' which had led to something going wrong. It wasn't clear what it was. 

Then my attention was drawn to a TV screen, which was playing an episode of a chat show or a morning TV show, which was revealing the incident which happened to the Youtuber's daughter - it was the episode where the child had been treated by the doctor. I just watched this.

The TV show had a normal set - with sofas. There was a male TV doctor - a white middle-aged man, who was wearing a suit. There was a young blonde woman, who was the partner of the Youtuber, and the mother of his child. The child was about 2 years old - maybe younger. She had blonde hair too - but baby hair, thin and wispy. The mother was holding a bottle of water. The doctor picked up the child and held her, with her back to the camera. He asked the mother to pour the water over the child's head, which she did, wetting her hair. This revealed a huge golf-ball sized lump on the back of the child's head. The doctor started talking about this medical condition in a very worried way. 

Scene 4: The Forest Area near my Home, Norwich - Day
I was walking down the footpath which is between a field with horses and the forest. I was walking towards my home. In the footpath, there was a line of dead horses - they were in the field adjacent, but their heads were sticking through the fence into the footpath. I saw the owner of the horses, who in the dream I perceived to be 'the farmer'. I blamed him for the death of his horses. He seemed to be poking at their heads with some kind of garden tool. I was angry with him. I saw a small animal - it was a 'donkey' in the dream, but it was actually a donkey's head with a lamb's body. It was the size of a kitten. I really wanted this animal as it was so cute. I picked it up and started walking over the heads of the dead horses, towards the farmer, wondering if he would try and stop me from taking the miniature donkey-lamb (as I assumed it belonged to him). I thought that if he tried to stop me, I would object on the basis that he had killed his own horses and was not good at caring for animals. I reached the farmer, at the bottom of the footpath. He did not try and take the donkey-lamb from me, but we did have a conversation, which was not friendly and involved me accusing him of killing the horses and him making excuses for it. I looked beyond him, towards the grassy field on my university campus (from the position I was in I would not quite be able to see this part of the campus at this location/angle). I could see a bunch of sheep and a huge animal which was the size of a brontosaurus and appeared to be a cross between a sheep and a giraffe, but was covered in pale grey fluffy fur. I asked the farmer how he would 'shear the sheep' and wondered if he would shave the wool from the miniature donkey-lamb (which I did not want him to do). The donkey-lamb had weird teeth - they were large, square and very blunt, all in a perfectly aligned row. Even though the teeth were completely blunt, I was scared of the animal biting me. I decided to put the donkey-lamb in my handbag as I walked over to some stables. These stables were where the Broads/lake would be on campus in real life. They were made of red brick, and had hay/straw on the floor. There was an open space to enter (no doors), with a number of concrete steps up to the entrance. The animals - full-sized sheep and donkeys - were in pens which had hip-high wooden fencing keeping them in. I was wondering if I should leave the donkey-lamb here. It then jumped out of my bag and stopped on the steps at the entrance. I thought I had lost it for good, but I was able to approach it and catch it again. I put it back in my bag, worried that it would bite me. This was a constant worry. I then remembered that I had prawn sandwiches in my handbag and thought that the donkey-lamb might pee on them and ruin them. I wanted to take the prawn sandwiches out of the bag, but I was scared in case the donkey-lamb bit me. Eventually, I worked up the courage to put my hand in my bag and found that the donkey-lamb had eaten the prawn sandwiches and there was just empty cardboard packaging left in my bag. I was not angry about the sandwiches being eaten, but I was surprised that the donkey-lamb had eaten them. I walked off. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream. 

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • Ewan McGregor as a dream character
  • School/learning institution
  • Prawns


  • The Lucid False Awakening
  • I was back at school - Ewan McGregor was my teacher
  • I was in a relationship with my ex-boyfriend and had cheated on him with his friend, LRB 
  • The Youtuber who appeared on a TV show - the way this part of the dream took place, it was clearly an event which could only happen in a dream
  • The dead horses
  • The donkey-lamb and the gigantic sheep-giraffe
  • The stables which were on my university campus, where the Broads/lake should be
  • I had eaten prawns a few days before this dream

Day Residue: 
  • Ewan McGregor is someone I think about every day. The influences on this dream were from images/movies he has appeared in, which I would have been exposed to in my waking day - Mark Renton in Trainspotting (1996); Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast (2017); Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. In a conversation with DL I had mentioned that Ewan had done more theatrical roles as well and we discussed his acting career. The Christ-like pose I saw him in may have reflected the fact that one of my favourite internet memes (see below) is based on the fact so many people mistake him as a depicted of Jesus when he is dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi. He has actually played Jesus in a movie I have never watched - Last Days in the Dessert (2015). I think the reference to him being a bad teacher was a post I read online about Obi-Wan being a terrible Jedi Master for his padawan, Anakin Skywalker. I discussed this theory with DL also
  • AKB works in the theatre industry
  • I had been discussing Jeremy Kyle and The Jeremy Kyle Show
  • I had been walking in the forest in the area in Scene 4 and seen the horses. During one conversation with DL I said: 'It would be weird to see one of the horses laying dead in the field'
  • I had been watching a Youtube video by Bunny Meyer (Grav3yardgirl) where she refers to her 'pony teeth' and tries out a pair of false teeth facades, which did not fit her mouth. I love the fact that Bunny embraces her own 'imperfect' teeth, as I have always been paranoid about my own

Waking Reactions: 
This dream was amazing - firstly because it was partly a lucid sex dream involving Ewan McGregor, and secondly because the non-lucid part was so bizarre and complex and involved many elements of Day Residue. I was disappointed with the events of Scene 1 (because Ewan was not a pleasant character) and Scene 2 (as it was not a positive scene in any way), but overall, I found the dream experience to be fascinating and entertaining to recall. 

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