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Dreams 965 - 972

Dream 965
'Bleeding from Bodily Orifices'
Date: 3 April 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
I was with other dream characters, many of who I cannot recall, other than my Mum, who I had a conversation with. I was in an unknown interior, which may have been a house, although I did not recognise it from real life. I went to use the bathroom, and was shocked and horrified to find that when I finished peeing and looked into the toilet, there were a number of long, thin, red snakes - which were still alive and writhing in the toilet water/urine. I was very scared, knowing that I must have some terrible disease or condition. I left the bathroom/toilet area to find my Mum and tell her about the snakes, which I believed had come from my urethra or vagina (I was not certain). I found my Mum, and at this point became aware that I was bleeding heavily from all of my bodily orifices, specifically, my vagina, eyes, nose, ears and mouth. I was terrified and unsure as to what was happening to me. My Mum did not seem concerned at all. I was asking if she could take me to the hospital, but she told me that she would not and I would have to deal with the bleeding. The blood flow was heavily and I was panicking. I saw myself in the third-person perspective approach a mirror in a dimly lit room, which appeared to be a nightclub toilet - not necessarily the same toilet I had been in earlier. In third-person perspective, I saw myself lean towards the wall-length mirror, mounted above a row of sinks (this is why I thought it looked like a nightclub or public toilet). I opened my mouth to inspect my teeth, which were still bleeding heavily, so that the blood was pouring down my chin onto my chest. I looked vaguely like I do in real life, but also somewhat different, although I cannot say what was different, other than subtle arrangement of my facial features. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Dream 966
'Cheating with a Blonde'
Date: 7 April 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Domestic Interior (my Nan's House, Sheringham?) - Day
I was in an unknown interior, which resembled my Nan's house in Sheringham to some extent, but I am not sure where I was as there were a number of differences in how the interior looked. I cannot remember a lot of detail about this dream upon waking, but I did recall one scene in particular. I was walking into a room, to find my boyfriend, AJR, who was free from prison. We had been dating and were still in a committed, monogamous relationship. However, I was aware that he was being 'stalked' by a young blonde woman (white, long straight blonde hair, tall, slim build). This woman was in the room as I entered - it seemed to be a bedroom, as later I realised there was a white bed as well as an armchair in the room. There was some conversation between me and the blonde woman, which was not friendly - I recall telling her to leave AJR alone as he was my boyfriend and she did not know him. The woman was adamant that she wanted to befriend AJR, and I was becoming angry with her as well as jealous and insecure. She felt very much like a threat to my relationship.

Some other action occurred in the dream, I think. I then remember having a conversation with AJR about his blonde stalker. He promised me that he was not interested in her and loved me. We were in a different part of the interior (or another location) at this time, as I recall walking back into the room I had originally been in at the start of the dream. The blonde woman was sitting in the armchair. I remember that she was wearing blue jeans and lots of woven bracelets on her wrists. She was crying hysterically. AJR entered the room and he came over to comfort the blonde woman, by sitting on her lap and stroking her hair. I was infuriated by this and told AJR to get up and leave the woman alone. However, AJR began to passionately kiss the woman in front of me. I cannot recall anything else about this dream. 

* In real life AJR was trapped into a 'friendship' with a blonde woman, LP, who was delusional and fixated on having a relationship with him. She is not attractive like the younger woman depicted in this dream, and AJR was trying to untangle himself from her influence, as she was a very toxic person he became (platonically) involved with for various reasons. He is now no longer in contact with her and she has made various attempts at damaging him in revenge, despite the fact she is an abusive, cruel and obnoxious individual. There was another blonde female, who may have been referenced in this dream, but she is not an issue in our current lives and therefore, I believe the female dream character reflected LP.

Dream 967
'Lost in Prison'
Date: 16 April 2019
Scene 1: A Prison - Day
I cannot recall a lot of the details about this dream. I do remember that I was always in the prison and there were other dream characters present, who are known to me in real life, although I cannot specifically remember who. My Mum may have been present. I was looking for AJR, who was serving in this prison. For some reason (perhaps I was there for work?) I was allowed to go onto the wings where the cells are. I was certain AJR was with another woman (a prison officer?) and cheating on me, which made me desperate to locate him. Myself and the dream characters I was with had been given free reign of the prison, which most most certainly would not be possible in real life. I was on an upper floor, which had a large glass wall, allowing me to look down onto a lower landing, which was were the cells were. The upper floor was a big empty room, with these glass walls, which gave it the appearance of being an observation gallery. Prisoners were not allowed in this area. I was looking down at the landing with the cells, trying to spot AJR. This was impossible, as I could only really see the tops of the prisoners' heads and grey regulation tracksuits, meaning AJR did not stand out at all. I was shouting his name, but I am not sure if any of the prisoners were able to hear me. I was moaning to my accompanying dream characters about my inability to find AJR. I was aware the prisoners were getting ready to have dinner. 

* The day before this dream I had been at HMP W (where AJR is currently serving), for work (I am a prison lawyer again). My Parole Board hearing had been very long, and as I was being escorted out of the prison afterwards, I had to pass by the exercise yard. It was around 16:00 hours and the prisoners were out in the exercise yard as I walked past. I was hoping I might spot AJR (this would have been weird and awkward, given I was at work and probably unable to make contact with my boyfriend in this way, without irritating the prison officers in the vicinity. I could not see AJR amongst all the other prisoners and did not want to stare too much as I walked past. I did hear one prisoner shout out: 'There's your girlfriend!' although AJR says he did not hear this and was not sure if it was directed at him/me when I subsequently told him. However, one prisoner (who had previously seen AJR and I on a prison visit) had recognised me and later told AJR he had seen me dressed in formally in a business suit, mistakenly assuming I worked within the actual prison. 

Dream 968
'Count Dooku's Horseriding Cats'
Date: 19 April 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
I was in an unknown interior and there was a ginger cat (or perhaps cats?) present. One of the cats was really big - about the size of a labrador dog, and very fat. The cat jumped into my lap, while I was sitting in the corner of a room, on the floor. I hugged it. 

ED2 appeared in the dream. I am not sure of the context of him appearing and cannot recall specific details.

I was then in another area of an interior location. It was dimly lit and had a row of chairs facing a counter with a glass/plastic screen. Behind the chairs was a big, wall-length window which gave the location the appearance of a waiting room - perhaps an airport departure lounge. I sat on one of the chairs and found that I was sitting next to Count Dooku (Darth Tyranus) from Star Wars (Christopher Lee - 1922 - 2015) - he was definitely Count Dooku and not the actor Christopher Lee, as he was dressed as the character and I was aware within the dream. I began talking to Count Dooku and the conversation was friendly. Suddenly, a small horse (or pony?) walked into the waiting room area. There was a ginger cat sat on the back of the horse. It was a different cat from the one I had been cuddling/stroking earlier in the dream - this was clear to me. Count Dooku told me that the cat on horseback belonged to him. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

* The day before this dream ED2 had randomly changed the theme of our inbox conversation to a 'watermelon' theme, although he did not write anything in a message. I have not chatted to him in some time, so this 'interaction' appeared odd. Around the time of this dream, I had been discussing the character of Count Dooku with my friend DL while we were stroking rescue ponies which live in a field near my home. 

Dream 969
'Small Round Biting Witch'
Date: 22 April 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Domestic Interior - Night
I was in a very dark domestic interior - it was night. At one point, I was looking out of the window of the lounge, and could see across to the other side of the street, where standing in the shadows outside a normal-looking house opposite was my friend DL. I was aware DL was attempting to send a small, round witch to come and attack me. I was terrified and wanted to do whatever I could to stop the witch being sent to me. 

I ended up being sat in a dining chair in the lounge, which also appeared to be a kitchen and resembled the old student house I lived in while I was at the University of York from 2002 - 2004. The witch was sent to me. It was about th size of a football and completely spherical - it appeared to just be a head, with a wide open mouth of razor sharp teeth. It could float or bounce up in order to reach me. It closely resembled the Langoliers from Stephen King's The Langoliers (1995), other than it had eyes. The witch floated/bounced up to my lap, and I was able to do something to delay it from biting me (which I knew was the intention). I was able to 'control' what happened, although not in the sense of this being a lucid dream (it was not, it was a normal, non-lucid dream) - more like I could control events within the dream, as if this was possible in real life. I found myself standing in the doorway of the dream, talking to an (unrecalled) dream character, who I knew in the dream. I knew that the attack by the witch was inevitable, so although I could control events in the dream, I was aware this was temporary and the attack had to happen at some point. I therefore decided to let it happen, and try my best to withstand the pain. I convinced myself that this was 'a game' which I had to beat. I sat back down in the chair. The witch again floated/bounced up and locked it's teeth into my left hand. There was a sharp pain, but I remember thinking it wasn't as painful as I anticipated, and I was able to bear it. The witch attack wasn't as bad as I had feared. DL was smug about this, as if he had 'won'. I cannot recall what else happened in this dream.

* On the day of this dream I had been participating in an online (Facebook group) discussion about Stephen King and his past drug addiction/alcoholism. I have previously discussed The Langoliers with DL, quite some time ago.

Dream 970
'Twin Daughters - Peach & Unnamed'
Date: 28 April 2019
Scene 1:An Unknown Exterior - Day
It was daytime and I was outside in a suburban area with AJR. We were walking on a pavement, alongside some regular looking houses. It was a sunny day. AJR and I had to go to a hospital (I cannot recall actually going to the hospital in the dream) to go and collect our newborn twin daughters. In the dream, these were our biological twins which I had given birth too, although in the dream it did not appear that I had actually just given birth. The dream appeared to skip to a scene where AJR and I had already collected the twins. We were walking in the suburban residential area, trying to decide upon names for our daughters. I suggested 'Peach' for one of them, and then struggled to find another name which matched with this. AJR could not think of a name for the second twin either, and we were frustrated. I cannot recall much of the dream content, but as I was waking from the dream I began to envisage a square object, which was sort of like a small velvet box - but also confusing, for a reason I am unable to articulate. Looking at this 'box' which opened up in a weird way which would not be possible in real life (sort of like a 'puzzle box' from the movie Hellraiser (1987)) gave me the idea that the second twin could be named 'Pearl'. I woke up with this thought in my mind. 

* AJR had mentioned that he would like us to have twins, but preferably twin sons. Around the time of this dream I had been watching a Youtube video from Jenna Marbles, documenting her new rescue dog ('Bunny'), and attempts to find a suitable name for her. Jenna and her partner Julien already have 3 dogs, one of whom is named 'Peach' (this being the other female dog). 

Dream 971
'Stretching Disease'
Date: 29 April 2019
Scene 1:An Unknown Exterior - Day
It was daytime and I was in an unknown exterior location - it seemed as if it was near a dock - I am not sure if I saw the water, or just assumed it was there. Something about the area reminded me of Lowestoft in Suffolk and also Southbank in London (the way it looked before it was renovated) - there was a lot of concrete and some areas where you would pass through tunnels/underpasses made of concrete (see below images of Southbank for reference). I was wandering around, somewhat aimlessly, as if I was waiting for something, but I am not sure what.

Scene 2: A Dilapidated Interior - Day
I then found myself in an interior, which was like a dilapidated 'trap house' - or perhaps even a large shed. It looked partially built - or falling apart and very dirty/messy. I cannot recall what specific items were in this location, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The walls were a dirty white/beige and I remember seeing a lot of black graffiti (it seemed like black spray painted tags, nothing especially creative or skilled) on the walls. I was with two male dream characters - I may have known them in the dream, but I do not know who they represent in real life. I am unable to describe one of them, because I cannot remember what he looked like. The one I did remember was tall and slim with dark hair, wearing a dirty white T-shirt, which made me think he was unclean. His hair was very messy. I was talking to the two males and I was informed - or was somehow aware (cannot remember) that the tall, slim dark-haired male was a farmer and suffered from a 'stretching disease' which made his neck and arms stretch to dangerous lengths at certain times. He was stressed because he knew his neck was going to stretch again soon and this was a medical hazard which could kill him. He reached his hands up above his head and was able to touch the ceiling, which indicated to me that the stretching was about to begin. I felt sorry for him. I then became aware that there was a bat in the corner of the room, in the area where the walls meet the ceiling. The bat looked a bit like a cartoon bat, rather than a realistic one. It showed me it's fanged teeth and said (or I 'heard'): 'Johnny Depp is a waste of your time'. In the dream I knew that this meant that I should not waste my time meeting Johnny Depp as he was not of interest to me, so I should forget about him. While in the dream, I 'recalled' a previous dream that I had experienced in real life, involving a sex scene with Johnny Depp. This was a lucid dream - Dream 332 - 'The One Where I Have Sex With Johnny Depp (Lucid Dream)' (17 December 2014). However, within this dream, I mistakenly 'remembered' the Johnny Depp dream wrongly, mixing it up with two separate dreams I have had when experimenting with nicotine patches (I will link these posts below). I cannot recall what else happened in this dream.

* On the day of this dream I had seen a debate on Facebook which stated that white male celebrities are more likely to avoid sanctions or repercussions for abusive behaviour - Johnny Depp was referenced by the person posting this opinion. In this dream, I recalled previously experiencing a sex dream with Johnny Depp, but conflated the events of that dream with dreams which took place during a 'Nicotine Patch Dream Experiment' - these were lucid dreams, and both involved aliens of some kind. Interestingly, upon researching those dreams (by clicking the links contained in the Nicotine Patch Dream Experiment post), I noted that one dream refers to 'peach' - which is pertinent considering my recent dream, Dream 971 - 'Twin Daughters - Peach & Unnamed'. See Dream 340 - 'Alien Faces & Peach Cakes' (24 December 2014) and Dream 341 - 'Aliens, Rape & Kim Kardashian' (27 December 2014). Note that all of these dreams occurred around the same time, which may account for why my subconscious conflated them as one dream. These dreams feature Tanya Burr (her attempts to break into acting and movement away from a Youtube career; and her recent separation from her husband) and Kim Kardashian (the fact she is expecting her fourth child via a second surrogate; and her plans to undertake the California Bar and work as a criminal lawyer, which is my profession) - I had read news/media stories about both of these female celebrities on the day of this dream (although I would not have made this connection had I not just read these old dreams today, for the purposes of making this post). I had also discussed baking with AJR - and baking (peach cake) was a theme of Dream 340. Weirdly, while looking at my blog comments, I noticed that on 23 April 2019, a reader had commented on Dream 332 - 'The One Where I Have Sex With Johnny Depp (Lucid Dream)' quite randomly (I am not sure how they came across this old dream as I was unable to tell from analytics for that date). I was not aware of this comment on the old dream, as I had not accessed my blog in quite some time at this point (as evidenced in my absence from posting!)

Dream 972
'Ring Shaming in a New Flat'
Date: 4 May 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Domestic Interior - Time Unknown
I was in a large flat, which appeared to be student accommodation on my university campus, although it did not resemble any that actually exists in real life. There were a number of dream characters present - I cannot specifically recall, but it appeared that they might be former classmates from my high school in Sheringham, as NH was present and I think some other females were too. It seemed as if a party was occurring. I walked around the flat. It was very clean and new looking and was decorated entirely in white. The main room had a seating area near to some floor to ceiling windows at the far end. The main part of the room was a fully fitted kitchen with a central breakfast bar/counter. A hallway led off from this kitchen, and this was where the bedroom(s) were. I looked into one bedroom and saw dream characters were present there. 

I went to the seating area where I found a number of dream characters and 'Madge Bishop' from Neighbours, as played by Anne Charleston. She was holding two engagement rings - one which was an emerald surrounded by diamonds and other virtually identical, but with a central sapphire. She was mocking these rings, claiming them to be 'cheap' and poor quality. I saw a close-up of these rings and believed one of them (the sapphire one) to belong to my aunt, VF. I then 'remembered' that in real life I was due to move accommodation at university (I get free accommodation due to my voluntary work in student welfare, and in real life have been trying to work out where I will move to, my intention being to live alone). I realised this new apartment would be the ultimate flat to move into, given the luxury kitchen and fact I could bring my washing machine. I then realised the flat already had a washing machine and this made me happy. I cannot recall anything else about this dream, other that at some point I had noticed the screen of my mobile phone was badly scratched and the cracks in the glass were worsening. meaning I was unable to use my phone.

* Stress of having to change accommodation and lose my conveniences played a part in this dream. On the day of this dream I saw two relevant Facebook posts - one from a friend who posted a photograph of her new washing machine; and another in a group which was criticising people who shamed low-cost engagement rings. When I was a child, my aunt VF did have a diamond and sapphire engagement ring from her former husband (HM's father, RC), which was passed to me via my Mum. I am not sure where the reference to Madge/Anne Charleson comes from. Shortly before this dream I dropped my mobile phone and noticed a small scratch at the bottom of the screen.

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