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'Killing a Junkie with a Pitchfork through the Throat (then Bringing him Back to Life Again)'
Dream date: 20 June 2015
I was with LF and NN in Sheringham - near the train station, beside the little row of businesses (one of which was the hairdressers where NN used to work). It was daylight and I was aware that it was the afternoon. The sun was shining. I was aware that I had to go somewhere with members of my family, including my cousin, HM. I had a satchel-type bag which was decorated with many rainbow colours. Inside the bag was my purse, phone and keys, some cannabis and a grinder. I put the bag on the ground (as indicated in the Google Maps image). I was distracted by a dream character and walked a short distance away. 

Something then prompted me to turn around and look at the traffic on the road behind me. There was a mature white woman with dark hair (an unknown dream character) riding a bicycle in the middle of the road. I had an urge to approach her. I pulled back her head and looked at her forehead (which was very large) closely. I could see the pattern on her skin, which looked like a fractal design. This made me become fully lucid, suddenly

In order to stabilise the dream, I decided to rub my left thigh with my hand, as this technique had worked in a recent lucid dream. I realised I was wearing a red mini-skirt. The dream was clear and stable. I then decided to explore the lucid dream world. I had to get my bag (from behind me on the ground) again. I turned and saw it - it was surrounded by milk chocolate buttons, just where I left it. Again, I was distracted by a dream character, and when I looked at the ground again, my bag was gone. I knew it had been stolen, and I could see a white male dream character (wearing a dark hooded top) running away (in the direction indicated on the image, below). I decided to chase him, and soon lost sight, although I knew which direction to run in. 

Soon, I entered an area which I knew was not in Sheringham. I wondered where I was, but could find no clues. The area is shown in the diagram below. I was standing on a concrete path. To my right and in front of me were some tall apartment buildings - with blue doors. To my left were some parking spaces for cars, which were separated with green hedgerows. This gave the impression of allotments/gardens. There were bright, pretty flowers in the grass. I could hear a noise which sounded distinctly like a police radio and I was sure that the police must be close by. I decided to investigate - and looked at the parked cars in the parking space. The police radio noise was coming from the third parked car, which was red. It was not a radio, but the sound of the car alarm going off. 

I decided to enter the first apartment block on my right. I went to the doorway, which opened for me, and entered the front entrance, then decided that as I was going to confront a criminal (the bag snatcher), I needed a weapon. I looked in front of me for a weapon, and saw a pitchfork on the concrete path. I picked this up and then re-entered the apartment block. Standing in the entrance, by a flight of stairs, was a white female dream character - a junkie/drug addict. I pushed past her, telling her I was visiting a tenant of the apartments. I went up one flight of stairs to the doorway of a flat, which was opened by the bag snatcher. I realised he was also a junkie/drug addict. My first thought was that he looked like 'Kurtis Stryker' a character from Mortal Kombat 3 (the 1995 video game, not the movie adaptation). I then tried to think which actor 'Stryker' used to remind me of - at first I though (in error) 'Sean Bean' - and the dream character morphed to look more like Sean Bean; and then I remembered that I meant 'Woody Harrelson' and the dream character morphed to look just like him instead. I realised that this was happening because I was in a lucid dream, but the fact that every time I had a new thought the dream imagery changed to reflect it was frustrating. It was as if my thoughts were being visually projected immediately as they arose. The male dream character was wearing a red plaid lumberjack shirt and his hair was very blonde. He started to say something to me and I thrust the pitchfork straight through his throat, which skewered him to the wall outside his flat. Blood gushed and he was making grunting/moaning noises, obviously dying. I wanted to go into his flat, and felt I had been needlessly violent too early on, so I pulled the pitchfork out of the junkie's neck, to free him. He ran into the flat, clutching his severed throat and I followed him. The junkie was still dying. I asked him: 'Where is my bag?' and he pointed to the bed, where it was laying. The room was dark and quite messy. The junkie had a lot of possessions, including books and clothes - and other items commonly found in a bedsit flat.

I looked into my bag and saw that all of my possessions were seemingly in place. I said: 'Why did you steal my bag?' The junkie denied he had stolen it. He could not speak properly because he was dying, but I could still understand him - almost telepathically. I looked for my phone and found it. I said: 'You could have flipped [sold/exchanged] this for at least £30 - why would a junkie not try and sell this stuff for drugs?' (or smoke the cannabis which was in the bag). I could not work out why he still had my bag as I assumed he had stolen it to make money for drugs. The junkie gestured to the chest of drawers. I opened the top drawer and pulled out a huge airtight clear plastic bag of cannabis - there was at least half a kilo in the bag. I realised the junkie was actually a drug dealer and had not stolen my bag to make money off it, but instead to lure me to his bedsit (although there was no threat of danger). I wished I had not physically harmed him with the pitchfork - and was horrified to see he was now laying on the floor, clutching his neck as a pool of blood formed around him. He was about to die. I exercised dream control (I closed my eyes and focused my mind intensely) to bring him back to life. I was amazed to see this worked. 

The junkie and I sat on his bed and we started to roll cannabis joints to smoke together. The junkie told me he had no prospects or hopes in life and I decided to change this, using dream control. I told him to look on the shelving unit which was at the foot of the bed and suddenly, both he and I noticed that this shelf was filled with pink qualification certificates. I said to the junkie: 'See, you trained as a teacher in prison and now you have a job!' I was pleased to see that the junkie agreed with me. I knew he and I were friends and I had made things right. 

I then woke up. I think I was only awake for a few minutes, or less. I wished that I could return to my lucid dream. 

I found myself in a dream again - semi-lucid. This felt like a vague notion I was dreaming right from the outset of the dream. I entered the semi-lucid dream state directly from the waking state. I found myself outside on a path which was long and straight, with bushes on either side. It was night and the stars were shining brightly in the sky. Everything was very vivid. I thought: 'This is probably a dream because I was just in a lucid dream' and 'If I look at my hands, I'll definitely be lucid'. I looked at the palms of my hands and saw the same fractal skin patterns I had seen on the forehead of the female cyclist dream character in the first lucid dream. I was then absolutely sure I was in a lucid dream. I decided to walk down the path and see where it led to. I assumed it would lead back to the junkie's apartment building, as I was 'aware' that I had re-entered the same dream in a different scene (or at least this was what it felt like in the second lucid dream). At the bottom of the road was the junkie's apartment building, but as I entered and climbed up the staircase to where his flat had been, the door was opened and my friend SVF appeared in the doorway. She invited me inside and told me that she was hosting a dinner party and I was one of the guests. She lived in this flat with her boyfriend. At first I thought her boyfriend was my boss (who is actually gay), but then realised it was a completely different person (and unknown dream character - I did not know him in the dream either, as this was the first time I had ever met him). She told me that we would study astrology together. I then saw that Ted Danson - looking really old (I did not know he actually does look old now in real-life until I found the image used below) sitting in a rocking-chair. I did not want SVF's boyfriend to hang around while I chatted with SVF and thought the dinner party might be boring, so decided to change the dream scene. I did this by closing my eyes, rubbing my left thigh with my hand and thinking that I wanted to be somewhere else.

When I opened my eyes I was in a classroom with PS and an elderly white male professor. PS was seated to my right. The classroom had glass walls and I could see an outside covered walkway (with students walking along it) through the glass. It reminded me of Langwith College at the University of York. The professor was trying to give me an assignment. This assignment was to find a bright green lizard - an image of which he was showing me on a playing card-sized screen. I was aware that if I accepted the assignment I would not be able to spend any time with PS, so I said to the professor: 'I'm not here to study, this is my lucid dream!' The professor said: 'I'll end the lucid dream if you don't complete the assignment!' I wasn't sure if this was a threat which could come true (i.e. I would prematurely wake up) so I said: 'I'll find the lizard in a book then!' trying to compromise and appease the professor, but remain with PS in the glass classroom. The professor said: 'You're failing History and Science, so you have to do it properly or wake up from the dream!' I knew this meant that I had to travel somewhere to find the lizard, but I really did not want to go. Although I kept reminding myself that this was my lucid dream and I could control it if I wanted, I could not help but feel anxious about the idea of failing exams/classes. I kept trying to remind myself I didn't really have to sit any exams or pass any classes, but at the same time, I could not change the dream scene I was currently in, or convince the professor dream character to let me get my own way. I took the small screen off him and tried to use my finger to drag the image to enlarge it for a better view (the way I can on the screen of my phone). This did not work - it left black scribbled marks on the image of the lizard. 

I woke up suddenly.

TIME: 22:45 - 11:30 hours (this dream happened in the last part of the sleep as I woke up from it)
LUCIDITY: Fully Lucid via DILD (Dream Initiated/Induced Lucid Dream) in first lucid dream. WILD (Wake Initiated/Induced Lucid Dream) with dream-re-entry in second lucid dream
  • Spontaneous DILD, no induction technique/method used (first lucid dream)
  • Re-entry into the dream in a Semi-Lucid state (making this a form of WILD), from which I willed myself to become fully lucid (second lucid dream)
  • Lucidity triggered by suddenly with no obvious dreamsign or prompt other than a desire to look closely at the skin of a dream character (first lucid dream) and my own hands (second lucid dream)
  • No reality check performed in either dream
  • Strong lucidity/clarity in both dreams
  • Strong stability (hand rubbing on thigh/staring closely at hands) in both dreams
  • Approximately 80% of first dream lucid (16 minutes out of 20 overall, estimated) & 100% of second dream lucid (10 minutes overall)
SPECIAL NOTES: REM Rebound Effect from cannabis withdrawal and binge-drinking of vodka (day 2 of mild alcohol poisoning)

Dream Information:
  • LF was my former best friend during my second undergraduate degree - we no longer speak, but are still Facebook friends
  • NN is one of my childhood best friends
  • SVF is one of my childhood best friends, although I have lost contact with her. She is the person I started smoking cannabis with as a teenager
  • I had no idea until I started recording this dream that both Woody Harrelson and Ted Danson starred in the US sitcom, Cheers (1982 - 1993) - this fact really shocked me
  • PS is my ex-boyfriend
  • I attended the University of York (Langwith was my college) for my first undergraduate degree - English Literature & History of Art

  • In both dreams, skin had a complex fractal pattern (F - Form)

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • Cannabis
  • Classroom/learning institution 
  • Lizards

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • I had a conversation about astrology with DL several days before this dream
  • A couple of days before this dream, I watched an episode of The Ricky Gervais Show in which Karl Pilkington described his (ludicrous) idea for a movie plot where he mentions using Ted Danson as a star. One of my favourite pastimes is challenging DL to come up with weird/funny movie ideas, something I had done shortly before this dream
  • Shortly before this dream I had a discussion with my friend JL about what it felt like to fail an exam for the first time (it was when I was doing my Bar Exams - I failed Conciliation) 

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This was a brilliant dream as I managed to enter it via a spontaneous DILD (and retain my waking memories of my recent lucid dream). I was able to exercise some of the best lucid dream control I have ever experienced (not quite Super-Lucid, but a more intense version of Fully Lucid than before). After I woke up, I was able to re-enter the same dream again - as a second lucid dream. However, I was Semi-Lucid from the outset of this second lucid dream, so it felt like a WILD (Wake Initiated/Induced Lucid Dream) as there was no lapse between my waking brain and my discovery I was in a dream state. This 'double lucid dream' represents the most interesting and powerful lucid dreaming experience in a long time and marks a vast improvement in my dream stabilisation and control techniques.

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