Sunday, 26 July 2015

Dream 462

'The Corpse in the Garden'
Dream date: 25 June 2015 (Evening Nap)
I was with someone - I think it was DL, but it may have been PS, or a composite character - and three other dream characters. I cannot recall these dream characters, other than they were female and my friends in the dream. One of them was called 'Stina' or 'Steena'. I do not remember what any of them looked like - it was night and very dark. We were by a lake/river, sitting on a wooden jetty - or perhaps it was a raft, moored to the embankment. I was laying across the wooden raft object, while the DL/PS and the other three female dream characters were sitting on the edges. I must have 'fallen asleep' while laying on the raft, as I 'woke up' (in the dream, although this felt normal and was not a real 'waking up'). I then noticed that 'Stina' had fallen into the water and drowned, although she was still somehow clinging onto the side of the raft. I could see her hands in the dark. DL/PS and the females (and I) were all panicking, fearing that we would be blamed for Stina's death - accused of murdering her. DL/PS dragged her out of the water, but she was clearly dead and could not be resuscitated.

I then found myself in my nan's back garden - it was sunny and daylight. DL/PS told me that he was going to dispose of Stina's body so that we would not be linked with her death. He would go up to the compost heap at the top of my nan's garden and do it there. However, instead of my nan's garden looking as it should in real-life, it was opened up at the back so that you could continue walking for several more meters (in real-life, this would lead to the back gardens on the houses behind my nan's house and eventually onto the road). My nan's compost heap was now double the distance away and to get there you had to walk across her next-door neighbour's garden. The hedge which separates the neighbour's garden from our's was half gone, providing access. It was also much larger than in real-life. I tried to get an image on Google Maps/Google Earth, but it only shows the front of the house or from such a height that you cannot see the back garden anyway. I have drawn a basic diagram to illustrate the garden as it appears in real-life and a second to show how it appeared in the dream.

I watched DL/PS head off to the top of the gardens, to dispose of Stina's body. He walked in the direction of the arrow in the second diagram, below. I did not see him take the body with him, but I was aware that he was going to use a circular saw to chop her body up. I also knew that instead of having a skeleton, she had a single solid bone structure underneath her skin. I saw this in my mind's eye. It looked like meat with bone in the middle (see image below). I could then see that both my nan's and her neighbour's gardens were filled with dream characters walking around in the sunshine. This worried me slightly, especially as I then saw the neighbour emerging from his house (which was adjacent to my nan's, rather than next door). I was concerned that someone might see DL/PS and the dead body. 

Suddenly, from the gap in the hedge between the gardens, I saw a male dream character emerge - with some unknown companions (see the second diagram and the area marked '1st meeting with Stig/LJ'). This dream character was a composite of 'Stig' and LJ or LJ's (elder?) brother (see below for explanation of this confusion as to the dream character). I knew he was a 'kingpin' of some sort. I stopped to talk to him. He said: 'Murder suspects have been arrested at the University of Georgia' (the Eurasian country, not the US state). I wondered if Georgia was in Russia (I know for a fact that it is not, but in the dream I did not know). I then felt fear - I wondered if these 'Russian' arrests were linked to the death of Stina and whether DL/PS and I had been caught or found out somehow and this was a trick to get me to confess. I was very anxious and walked away from Stig/LJ, towards the 2 or 3 small concrete steps which are halfway down the garden (there is a path and rockery which separates my nan's garden into 3 sections of lawn and one of concrete (see first diagram). 

I noticed (in horror) that Stina's corpse - in a chair-like gurney was positioned on the corner of the top right lawn, beside the path/steps down to the lower part of the garden (indicated with an 'S' on the second diagram). The corpse was rotting/decayed and bright green - it looked like a zombie. As I walked past it, I smelled (very clearly) rotting human flesh. I have never smelled rotting flesh in real-life, but in the dream, the smell was instantly recognisable and the most disgusting smell I have ever experienced in a dream. I cannot describe how bad this was. No-one else seemed to notice Stina's corpse, and I felt anxious, wondering why DL/PS had just left it there! I then stood beside the rockery/top step of the path (which in real-life would be a couple of paces away from where Stina's corpse was, but in the dream - where the garden had larger dimensions - I was several feet away and could no longer smell rotting flesh. I stood facing the shrubs (indicated on the second diagram as '2nd meeting with Stig/LJ') and started a conversation with Stig/LJ who was standing there with his companions. I kept confusing LJ with LH/SH - and wondering (in the dream) if they were somehow linked. The only (dream) conclusion I could reach was that LJ and his brother lived in the same small village as my friend, SVF; and I had mistakenly believed that LH & SH also lived in this village (I think they lived in my town, Sheringham). I thought I should ask SVF to clarify this next time I saw her (although in real-life I have lost touch with her as she is not on social networking and I have no phone number for her). I started (anxiously) to tell Stig/LJ about Stina (even though her corpse was behind me, Stig/LJ had not indicated that he had seen it - and none of the dream characters were reacting to it at all). Stig/LJ said: 'Don't talk about it!' - he was warning me not to break the secret in case I got in trouble. I had a deep sense of guilt - not remorse, but rather feelings of being culpable and fear that I would be caught by police. I did not feel bad that Stina was dead - I had no emotional response other than a desire to protect myself and DL/PS from the legal repercussions - and to remove Stina's corpse from my nan's garden. I thought of the word 'King' again - in relation to Stig/LJ & his brother/LH & SH - all these males were blurred into one in my mind and I knew that I was confusing several different people, some of whom I have not had cause to think about since childhood - and even then, were not important or notable figures in my life, just acquaintances who I rarely spoke to, if at all. 

I went into my nan's house via the back door (which was logical given I had been in the back garden). My nan was sitting on the sofa in the living-room. The entire room - and the kitchen next door - were filled with huge pans of boiling vegetables - even though there were no heat sources underneath most of the pans (the ones not on the stove top) - it seemed they were being cooked while on the floor/the dining table/the chairs etc. The vegetables were all massive - including cauliflowers, broccolis, cabbages, spinach etc. They looked fresh and appetising - as well as decorative and exotic. My nan asked me something about the garden and I said: 'Promise me you won't go into the garden because there is something you mustn't see there!' (Stina's corpse).

I was then in a different scene - it looked like the backstage area of the Jeremy Kyle Show. I was standing with DL/PS and two male dream characters (older than us, wearing business suits). I was aware that DL/PS had now disposed of Stina's corpse and I was relieved. We were in some kind of amiable conversation with the two elder male dream characters. DL/PS then handed me a present. It was two items of makeup. The first was a pink lip pencil. I thought: 'This is carnation pink'. I swatched it on my arm and was pleased to see that it was highly pigmented. The other item was a round compact. At first, I thought it was the same as one which I already owned (a pink-toned highlight powder), but as I looked closer I realised that the case was not clear (and showing the product through the lid). The compact seemed to change as soon as I questioned whether it was the same as my real-life makeup item. The case of the compact was made of pink plastic, with a scallop-shaped edge (which made it look like a shell) and little blue decorative dots. I did not actually own this item already and was extremely impressed and pleased with the choices DL/PS had made when buying me items of makeup. I thanked him and everyone seemed happy.

TIME: 17:45 - 21:00 hours (I woke up from this dream)
SPECIAL NOTES: I smoked cannabis shortly before this dream and ate cheese (high in Vitamin B6/tryptophan) just before I went to sleep

Dream Information:

  • I have dated both PS and DL
  • Stig is a UK hip hop artist who is known to me as a friend of my friends
  • LJ (I am not entirely sure these are his initials or whether I am confusing him with his brother, whose name I could not recall) is a boy who I knew vaguely from childhood. He was a little older than me and used to live in the same village as my friend, SVF. He and his brother were not well-behaved at school (as far as I can recall) and my friend NN and I used to see them outside of school and imagine they were involved in criminal activities (with very little evidence or reason). I think this dream character was supposed to be the elder of the two 'James' brothers, but I can only remember one of their first names
  • LH & SH are also brothers who I knew during my childhood - and were also trouble-makers at school. One (SH) was in the year below me and the other (LH) was in the year above me. They may have been friends with the James brothers, since we all lived in a small, close-knit community - also, LJ and LH share the same first name which may also account for the confusion

  • My nan's back garden was different in appearance (F - Form)
  • The disposal of the body and the odd skeletal structure of Stina (A - Action/F - Form)
  • I was confused as to the identity of dream characters (IA - Inner Awareness/F - Form)
  • I was confused as to whether Georgia was in Russia, even though I am aware they are separate countries (IA - Inner Awareness)
  • My nan's house was filled with massive pans of boiling vegetables which did not need heat sources to cook (A - Action/F -Form)
  • The makeup item seemed to change as soon as I questioned whether it was the same as one I already owned in real-life (A- Action/F - Form)

Recurrent Dream Themes:
None of note

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • I spend a lot of time by the lake/river which is just outside my house in Norwich - there are wooden jetties along the embankment which you can sit on
  • Earlier in the day (before this dream), DL and I were discussing the recent case of Sandra Bland - a black female who was arrested for motoring offences in Texas and died in very suspicious circumstances earlier this month. It is officially claimed that Bland committed suicide in the police cells, but the indication is that she was unlawfully killed by the police and this has been covered up. The mugshot released of Bland shows her appearing to be dressed in orange prison overalls (it is not usual for a suspect to be dressed in these until after booking in) and has oddities (such as the position of her shoulders and hair, which make it seem as if she is laying down, not standing up; a slackening of the flesh on one side of her face; and a background which looks like the floor, not a wall) which have led to speculations that Bland is actually already dead in the mugshot (and therefore killed by police, not the victim of a later suicide). There was no CCTV footage of the area outside Bland's cell for a period of 90 minutes before she was 'found' dead. This story horrified me - not only because of a potential homicide cover-up by police, but also the implications of institutional racism within the American police forces which this case highlights - Bland was a civil rights activist who had spoken out about police brutality and racial discrimination
  • The day of this dream I discussed David Cronenberg's Crash (1996) with DL - and people with amputation fetishes
  • The day before this dream I watched an episode of Hannibal (NBC TV series) which included the removal of skin from bone (an amateur face transplant); discussions about chopping up bodies and eating the flesh; and images of Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham strapped to gurneys - which were upright, like chairs
  • The week before this dream I watched a live performance by The Prodigy on TV - SH used to have his hair styled like Keith Flint (shaved with an asymmetrical neon green mohawk) which led to his suspension from school. This may be why I thought of him in this dream, although I am not sure why I was getting him confused with the James brothers
  • Shortly before I fell asleep I made a huge tray of cauliflower cheese - which involved boiling a large pan of water to cook the cauliflower florets in
  • The day of this dream I watched an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show which featured the backstage area
  • Shortly before this dream I had a conversation with DL in which I said I really liked the colour 'carnation pink'

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:

This dream was very unsettling - but not scary. I was more disturbed by the smell of the decaying corpse and how vivid my olfactory (smell) senses were in this dream and how clearly I could remember everything - including my 'dream thoughts'.

My nan's garden - the actual version above, and the dream version below. The pink area represents the section which was 'opened up' i.e, the separating/partition hedge was gone so you could walk through to the neighbour's garden. At the top was a communal compost heap area, where DL/PS planned to chop up and dispose of Stina's body. The rest of the garden looked close to how it appears in real-life (although the shrubs/small trees in the rockery are no longer there as my stepdad got rid of them to try and grow vegetables in this area). However, the size/dimensions of my nan/her neighbour's garden seemed bigger and the entire area was populated by dream characters, walking in the sunshine. It was the number of dream characters present which indicated that both gardens were much larger than usual.