Sunday, 14 August 2016

Dream 676

'My Daughter'
Date: 14 August 2016
Time: 04:00 - 10:45 (I woke up from this dream due to an alarm)
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Moderate recall

This dream is part of my Dream Incubation Experiment - Eminem / Marshall Mathers III Dream - click HERE (post will open in a new window) to see the details of this Dream Incubation Experiment, including the methodology and results of previous Dream Incubation Experiments.

Scene 1: A Domestic Interior  - Time Unknown
This dream seemed very vivid when I was dreaming it, but because a few hours lapsed between me waking up with a good memory of this dream and then recording it, I have forgotten a lot of the action and detail. 

In the dream I had a baby daughter - I do not recall her name. I was surprised to discover that I had an even better, slimmer body than I had before - i.e. before I had a baby. 

The father of the baby was a white male, but I didn't recognise him - I am not sure who it represented. I was not in a relationship with him in the dream. I was anxious about giving him the baby for the day - the baby was swaddled in a pink blanket and I was talking to my Mum, voicing my concerns about handing the baby over. 

The father of the baby arrived at the house and I had a conversation with him about our daughter, before eventually deciding to trust him with her for the day. I cannot recall what else happened at this stage, but I know that I felt comfortable at the end of the interaction. 

I then saw someone's customised Myspace page - it was very glittery and had a galaxy wallpaper background. The name of the person was 'Elliot' and I recalled - in the dream only, not a real life memory - that 'Elliot' was the name of a character created by DL. I wondered if 'Elliot' meant 'Technology' and decided that it did, because 'Elliot' was the name of the main child character in ET (1982) - although in this movie, Elliot contracts to 'ET' meaning 'extra-terrestrial'. I wondered if the owner of the Myspace page was copying DL in using this name. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • My Mum as a dream character

  • I had a baby daughter
  • I 'remembered' facts about DL which were not true in real life, only the dream

Day Residue: 
  • On the day of this dream I had been watching Youtube videos on the SomeOrdinaryGamers channel - where Mutahar has a series 'Exploring the Deep Web' where he shows and comments on random websites he has found while surfing the deep/dark web. Many of the sites he referred to had reference to aliens. I saw one which had a galaxy wallpaper. The majority of sites had very bad, outdated designs - which led me to think about how Myspace pages used to be customised

Waking Reactions: 
This dream did not reference my Dream Incubation Experiment or Eminem. I think I have forgotten a much of this dream, but if I recall them at a later stage, I will record them below. 

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