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Dream 798

'Things Like This Don't Usually Trigger Me'
Date: 27 March 2017
Time: 17:30 - 23:30 (I woke up from this dream naturally)
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall 

Scene 1: Unknown Location - Time Unknown
This was a very abstract scene, involving my thoughts rather than action I can describe. I could see a pile of flat, square objects which appeared to be the size of iPhones, although some were thicker. The objects were white on the top and black on the edges. They were not stacked neatly. I was considering the way they were stacked and thinking about the different thicknesses of these unidentified items. My thoughts were abstract and confused and I was almost aware that these were dream-thoughts or dream-fragments while I was on the edge of sleep, but still partially awake. I thought to myself: 'this does not make sense'. 

Scene 2: My Bedroom, Norwich - Time Unknown
My flatmate, SC came into my room - he was there to either help me with something or tell me about something. He had a mobile phone in his hand. He sat inside the duvet of my bed, while I stood by the side of it. I said: 'Be careful, I spilled coffee in the bed'. 

I was then looking at my laptop, which as it would be in real life, was on the desk chair beside my bed. The laptop screen was 'torn' - a large tear ran from the top of the screen to the bottom, separating it into 2 pieces. I was surprised to see that my laptop still worked despite this massive amount of damage, and I wondered how I would be able to get it fixed. This frustrated me. I started to clean the keyboard of the laptop with a makeup brush, then remembered that I had put aside a 'fan brush' (which I do not use for makeup) for this purpose - which was in my drawers. I am not sure I actually went to get this brush to clean the keyboard.

Scene 4: Location Unknown - Time Unknown
I was then either with - or watching (on a video?) - Youtuber Grav3yardgirl (Bunny Meyer) and her boyfriend Dogman. Bunny was wearing a cropped top, exposing her mid-section and riding on a small rocking toy while laughing (see Dream 797 - 'Playing Horses with Bunny' which actually shows a screenshot from one of her recent Youtube videos in which she is sitting on a dog-shaped children's rocking toy). The colours in this scene were very vivid and saturated - especially dominant were bright pink and orange tones. Even the skin of Bunny and Dogman looked hyper-pigmented, as if exaggerated by photo-manipulation. I was aware that she was pregnant and I was pleased for her and Dogman. I then saw them in an exterior environment - it looked like they were standing outside a building, as all I could see was a brick wall behind them. They were hugging and laughing together. 

Scene 5: A Bedroom, Location Unknown - Time Unknown
I was then in a bedroom, which in the dream was either my bedroom or the bedroom of someone I knew well. It is not a room I recall from real life. There was a large double-bed - it may have been even bigger than a double-bed (king-sized) with a shelving unit at the end. In this scene, the colours were again, were hyper-pigmented and saturated - this time orange and green colours were predominant. I think the carpet and bed covers were orange. I crawled on the floor under the bed to pick up some items - some of which looked like green scraps of crumpled polyethene bag. I am not sure what these items were, but I was performing the task quickly, because I was aware that I was under pressure from something or someone. There was another person in the room with me - I think it may have been a male dream character, but I cannot recall seeing him, as I was crawling under the bed. When I finished picking up all the green items from the floor under the bed, I then found another pile of them on the shelving unit at the end of the bed. 

Scene 6: A Lounge Area - Night
I then was in a lounge area - like a normal home, with the usual furniture, such as sofas and coffee tables. It was quite dark in the room, which indicated to me that it was night. In the room, there was a male - he was white with thick black hair and a round face and appeared to be in his 40s. He was wearing dark coloured, casual clothing - I think it was black trousers and a navy T-shirt. I was aware that he was 'evil' and a 'sex offender'. Also in the room were 2 young white females, both thin with black hair. One of them had her hair in bunches. I was aware that these girls - who were in their late teenage years or early 20s - had been abducted by the sex offender, who was going to abuse them in this home. He was just standing there, laughing while I watched the girls, one of whom was sitting on the sofa in front of the window/curtains, and the other who was sitting in an armchair by the door to the room, which was to my right side. The girls were terrified and crying. The male dream character seemed to actually like me and I got the impression that he assumed we were 'on the same side' and that I might assist him in some way. I was enraged at this and wanted to save the girls. The male dream character, while laughing, said: '1,2,3...pose!' The 2 girls then magically appeared to be in sexual poses - it was as if they didn't need to move in any way, one moment they were seated, and as soon as the word 'pose' was ordered, they appeared in the poses. I only saw the pose of the girl sitting in front of me on the sofa (because this was the direction I was looking towards). She was in the pose of an image I had designed on my laptop recently - a cartoon-like image of a woman (supposed to be a self-portrait), from behind, with her butt, wearing a small pair of bikini bottoms, on display while she bent over, hands on the floor. When I saw the female dream character adopt this pose, she appeared to be a cartoon image, almost identical to my own piece of artwork, and I could only see the butt, nothing more of the body. It almost appeared to hover/float in the air over the sofa. To me, forcing the girls to adopt sexual poses was a criminal offence against them (sexual abuse) and I ordered that the girl on the sofa come with me so that I could save her. I grabbed her hand and told the man that: 'I wasn't part of this'. The other female, on the armchair by the door refused to leave with me and her friend, so I had to leave her behind. 

The female - whose name I either do not recall or never knew in the dream - walked out of the house. I was surprised at how easy this had been - the male dream character had made no attempt to stop us from leaving, even though he was 'evil'. Outside, we were in a suburban residential area - which looked like a typical cul-de-sac or street of houses, some with gardens and cars parked on the drive. It was night and had been raining, so everything looked dark and wet. As we walked along, holding hands, the female started to tell me about being kidnapped by the male I had just saved her from. She was crying and I was aware that she had been previously sexually abused or raped by someone and this had made the current ordeal even more traumatic for her. I was trying to reassure her that everything would be OK now. She seemed to be embarrassed about crying and said: 'Things like this don't usually trigger me'. I thought she was putting on a brave face. 

We came to the end of the road and it now seemed to be daylight. The end of the road led out onto an intersection, which looked much more urban - or at least the buildings were now much bigger and there were traffic lights and a lot of vehicles driving on the wide road, which we were going to cross. 

This location felt familiar, but I cannot recognise it from real life. There was just a strong sense that I knew where this was and I felt slightly unhappy to be here now. There was a strong sense of déjà vu - perhaps from another dream, or perhaps from a (forgotten, but subconsciously remembered) real life experience. The whole scene appeared to be strange and disconcerting to me.

We got to the other side of the road and I saw that the male dream character was there - standing in what looked to be a glass box, raised slightly off the ground, serving as some kind of bus-stop (it wasn't clear what this little area was supposed to be). The male was reading a paperback novel, which had a black,white and grey cover, with a black rose on the front. I saw that everything was quite grey - the sky was greyish and the streets and houses were all grey-toned. It seemed that the rain was still wet on the ground and it was drizzling lightly. 

Somehow I became aware that this book, read by the male, was set in the 1920s or earlier (this was unclear even in the dream as I was trying to decide if it was the 1920s or an earlier period). The book was some kind of crime drama or detective novel and I then became aware (and surprised to find out) that we were actually in the novel itself - the location we were in was in the novel. 

From the glass bus shelter, I looked out at my location and have vivid recall of looking at the streets and buildings; the traffic and other details. I saw that there were traffic lights straight ahead of us, on the other side of the street, and the cars were modern ones. This led me to say: 'This can't be the 1920s'. The male started arguing with me, saying that it was the 1920s, but I knew that logically, if I could see these modern objects, it would be impossible. I then began to doubt that we were 'inside of' or 'part of' the novel he was reading - concluding that we were in the actual real modern world instead. I pointed out the traffic lights (which I can recall had the red light illuminated, with rain visibly blurring the colour) and cars and said: 'At best this would have to be the 1980s' (I couldn't tell the precise decade/year, but I meant that the earliest possible decade it could be, based on what I was seeing, was the 1980s, possibly much later and closer to the contemporary day). I did in fact find it frustrating and confusing that I did not know which decade we were supposed to be in. 

This scene lasted a long time and I cannot recall how it concluded.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • The first scene was abstract dream fragments
  • I was with Bunny and Dogman - who were expectant parents
  • I saved a girl from a sex offender
  • One of the girls adopted a pose which transformed her into a strange cartoon which was the same as an image I had designed on my laptop
  • I was part of a novel set in the 1920s
  • I was unable to recognise which decade/year we were in after challenging the idea we were in the 1920s

Day Residue: 
  • I had actually spilled part of a cup of coffee I had been carrying into my own bed, on the bottom sheet
  • My last dream before this one featured Bunny. Also, on the day before this dream, I had watched a Youtube video in which Bunny showed old photographs of her from high school and referred to herself as 'Baby Buns'
  • Just before I fell asleep I had been watching Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) in which Natalie Portman as Padme Amidala wears a white cropped top in some scenes
  • I had recently been offered some glamour modelling jobs which I had applied for on the internet (hence the idea of 'posing'
  • I had designed an image of a woman (myself) bending over in a sexy pose, displaying her butt in bikini bottoms towards the viewer. I had posted this image on my Facebook, and my cousin, CAJ had commented on it (she is skilled in graphic design). My Mum and I had subsequently discussed my cousin CAJ - and her mum (my Mum;s sister; my aunt) on the day of this dream. The scene in this dream exactly replicated the image I had designed, even down to the cartoon-like style of the drawing
  • I had been discussing rape/sexual assault with a Facebook friend on the day of this dream
  • On the day of this dream, a man (who I was not interested in) had been trying to chat to me on Facebook. I was getting bored at his attempts, because he kept asking me pointless questions, such as '1982 or 1985?' and then attempted to tell me that I should be 'proud to be a child of the 1980s' - which I told him was a strange thing to say

Waking Reactions: 
This was a really weird and complex dream, which seemed to last for ages. It was extremely vivid to me and in particular, I noticed distinct colour palettes and the fact that colours were incredibly bright and saturated within the dream. Despite the themes of this dream, I found this a very enjoyable dream experience and upon waking, the recall was extremely strong - much more than usual. 

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