Saturday, 24 June 2017

Dream 843

'Housebreaking in NYC'
Date: 22 June 2017
Time: 05:30 - 11:45 (I woke up from this dream naturally)
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Strong recall 

Scene 1: New York City, USA - Day
I was looking at an image of New York - an aerial shot of the city, which was fairly normal and how I would expect it to look in real life. I thought the image was a photograph, but then it 'zoomed in' and I realised I was travelling to New York. When I was 'at ground level' (I did not experience the sensation of travelling downwards, it was as if the scene in a movie changed and one minute it was zooming into the city and in the next moment, I was standing looking at the scene in front of me) I saw that I was in an area which looked very rural or suburban at least. I was walking down a dirt track which had forest on either side of me. It was daylight and the sun was shining. This area felt very idyllic and pleasant to me. I knew I was '5 minutes walk' from the main NYC city area (i.e. Manhattan etc) - this turning into the forest area, was just outside the urban part of NYC, which even in the dream I found to be odd. I walked down the path and found that it led to a single large family home - normal looking, made of brick, 2-storey - but one I would expect in suburban UK rather than in NYC. There was a sign on a jagged piece of grey slate (on the side of the dirt path), pointing to the house - this was the house sign. The house was detached and the only one I could see in this area. I walked up to the house and entered it, I think through the front entrance, which I cannot recall. I also do not know how I got into the house - i.e. whether the door was open; whether I had a key or whether I broke in.

The house was empty - no-one was home. I only saw one room, which was the kitchen. I recall this room very clearly. It was very old-fashioned, but in a contemporary way, as if this was a deliberate design - this is how I perceived it in the dream. The room was large, with a wooden kitchen table. It was light, airy and spacious. The floor was bare concrete and the walls were bare brick. There was only furniture around the edges of the room - the kitchen appliances looked like they came from the 1970s or 1980s and were basic and cream in colour. The room was untidy and lived in - there was a plastic laundry basket of dirty clothing on one of the counters and various items associated with a kitchen/dining area left laying around. There was an artist's easel in front of the kitchen sink which looked like an industrial sink made of stainless steel. I saw a baby's highchair and items indicating children lived in this house. Just off the kitchen was a corridor which had a bright royal blue carpet. This led to the entrance of the house, although I cannot recall walking down the corridor or being in any other part of the house than the kitchen. Opposite this door, in the kitchen, was a large window and patio door, through which I could see not only the garden, but beyond this, the skyscrapers of NYC. 

I really loved this house and the location.

Scene 2: An Unknown Interior - Day
I then found myself back in the UK, although I am not sure where I was. I wanted to go back to the house in New York, so I did - immediately - I did not seem to have to travel, I just wished myself back there. 

Scene 3: New York City - Day
I found myself back on the dirt track leading up to the house. I walked up there until I reached the slate sign pointing to the house. This scene was basically a repetition of that at the start of Scene 1. I entered the house again - and cannot recall seeing any other part of the house, other than the kitchen where I found myself again. The kitchen looked identical to how it had when I was there last time. I was aware that the family who lived there would soon be returning. I was uninvited and did not want to alarm the homeowners, as my intentions for being there were not malicious or criminal - I just loved being in New York and loved the house. I heard someone return - via the main entrance of the house. I moved so that I was in plain sight - I was standing in the kitchen in front of the door leading to the hallway, which meant I was in full view of the person entering via the front door. I saw female dream character - aged between 30 and 40 - white and slim with shoulder-length straight blonde hair. She was wearing a jumper and jeans and was carrying shopping bags. I decided that I should announce my presence before I was discovered, so I could warn the homeowners that I was in the house, so I shouted out: 'Hi! Don't worry!' I could see that there were some bookshelves in the hallway. When she saw me, the female dream character started to scream in shock and terror and dropped the shopping bags onto the floor at her feet. A male - same approximate age and white, with brown hair and some facial hair - emerged from another room off the hallway, to see what his wife was screaming about. I said: 'I'm not a criminal, I'm a friend!' 

I was joined in the kitchen by the family - it seemed that they had immediately recovered from the shock of me being in their house uninvited and were happy for me to be there. They were welcoming. They were all American, but spoke with English accents, which I thought was odd, even within the dream. The husband was an architect and the wife was an interior designer - they were both very modern and fashionable - what I would describe as 'hipster'. They had a baby and another young child (about 3 years old and blonde - not sure of the gender), who were being looked after by their grandmother (the mother of the woman), who took them out into the garden to play. 

I sat and talked to the husband and wife, telling them how much I admired their unusual home. They told me they were planning to expand the family by having more children. We were talking about normal, everyday things and everything felt friendly and natural. 

The woman started showing me some of the materials she was planning to use for an interior design job she was doing. The 'paint' she was using were actually a number of eyeshadow palettes, with neutral toned makeup in them. I noticed that in one palette, which was made up of dull brown, grey and black shades, there was a beautiful, glittery gold colour. I told the woman how much I loved this colour and she agreed with me that it was 'unusual'. I swatched the colour onto my hand, thinking how pretty it looked.

I cannot recall much else about the action in this dream, other than the conversation with the husband and wife continued and I felt very at home with them, and constantly admired the way they had decorated their kitchen so that it appeared to be 'shabby chic' and almost unfinished. I was also constantly in wonder that this forest area was a 5 minute walk from New York city. The woman told me that both she and her husband worked in skyscrapers in the centre of Manhattan and that they could reach their work in just a short walk. At some point, she was feeding the baby in the high chair while we sat at the kitchen table - the man was sketching a building plan, using the easel. 

We talked about 'the beach' and I knew they meant the coastline of NYC, but in the dream I had forgotten that NYC is an island (I only recalled this when I woke up and then remembered that I had been to the Hudson River shoreline when in New York and visited one of the piers). I saw an image (I guess in my own mind, rather than being there in person, although I am not sure) of a coastal area, but it looked more like a UK coastline than one associated with NYC. I wondered if I was confused and was really looking at Lowestoft in Suffolk (which also has docks). I cannot recall much about this aspect of the dream, other than the confusion and questioning if this was a local beach or still New York.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • None of note


  • NYC was different - it had a forest-like area just outside the city
  • The action in the dream repeated
  • I could travel between the UK and NYC in the blink of an eye
  • I broke into someone's house, then became friends with the family
  • Eyeshadow palettes were 'paint' to be used in interior design

Day Residue: 
  • I vaguely remember looking at an image of an aerial shot of NYC just prior to this dream (recent)

Waking Reactions: 
I actually loved this dream - I enjoyed the location and felt very content. I would love to go back and visit the NYC of my dreams (I have visited NYC in real life and loved the experience) - I know I have had previous dreams about NYC in which it is depicted very differently (more provincially and more reminiscent of the UK suburbs) from how I would expect in real life and these dreams intrigue me.

I have tried to find some images to illustrate this dream. Obviously, I have not been able to find anything which reflects what I saw in the dream accurately, but the images below give some very vague idea. A little research has shown me that there are many areas of New York state (and NYC itself) which do look similar to that seen in my dream - albeit not quite as close to the centre of Manhattan as in my dream.

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