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Dreams 1036 - 1041

I have taken a looong break from my Dreamwork, which has resulted in me not posting here or making videos (nor posting on my social media at all, other than my private Facebook, which is not linked to my writing or social media ventures in any event). I hate it when I lapse in my Dreamwork, because I lose all motivation to even write up the dreams I do recall, and as a result I have a number of remembered dreams floating around in my memory, without the precise information I like to include when recording my dreams here on this Blog. That deters me from sharing those dreams - which is counterintuitive in any event, as it makes me avoidant of consistent posting, or even making a fresh start. 

Today I decided I needed to 'break the ice' and begin posting on here again - and hopefully making Youtube videos. I have no real excuse for the break in making content - I have been working really hard, in legal practice, teaching, student services and (not to much) my own academic work. I also support my boyfriend, AJ who is in prison. 

The following dreams are not recorded as accurately and in as much detail as I would like. I often do not have the full memory of the dream (so I have recorded the dream fragments I have recalled) or the date and circumstances in which these dreams took place. I know I have recalled a large number of dreams in the past few months which I have since forgotten because I did not record them in a timely manner. These dreams are not recorded in the correct order - I have maintained my usual numbering system so that it retains the style and consistency of my Blog.

My future posts will be of an improved quality moving forward.

Dream 1036
'Warden Work'
Scene 1: An Office Interior - Time Unknown
I cannot recall the first part of this dream. I do recall telling AJR about this dream in real life, the day after it happened. I remember there was a scene, which changed to the part I do still recall. AJR and I were sitting around a large, orangey-brown polished wooden table, where there was some kind of board meeting related to my work for Student Support Services at university. AJR was taking an active role, and I felt this was odd and inappropriate (it appeared AJR was released from prison) - however no-one else thought his presence and participation was weird, and everyone seemed to accept his ideas as being the best ones put forward. I cannot recall anything else.

Dream 1037
'Skull Bite'
Scene 1: An Dark Unknown Domestic Interior - Night
I was in a dark interior - which seemed to be a lounge/living-room. I could not see much in the room, I was aware that I was sitting in a hard, high-backed armchair and that opposite me was a window with leaded panels - old-fashioned. It reminded me of a lantern (?) I could see it was night outside - I think I saw the moon or streetlight shining in the window because I could also see a male dream character standing outside looking in. He looked like a Victorian gentleman in a tall hat and a long jacket, but everything about him seemed pointy or spiky, giving him the impression of being evil. I saw his beard and nose was pointy - but I could not see his face clearly due to it being very dark. I was then aware that I was in a city and the house I was in belonged to my best friend DL and was a high-rise flat. 

I then became aware that a witch was sending in a floating skull to bite my hand. I could not avoid this happening - it was some sort of challenge, and I had to endure it. I was quite accepting of this and remained seated. I did not want a floating skull to bite my hand, and I was quite afraid, but I was resigned to the fact I was obliged. The floating skull came in through the closed window. It was transparent - like a hologram - and the same size as an adult human skull. It drifted down to the left side where my hand was hanging beside the armchair. It bit me. I felt the teeth of the skull clamp down on my hand and was surprised that I didn't think it hurt that much. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Dream 1038
'Saying Goodbye to Dead Dogs'
Scene 1: Location Unknown - Time Unknown
I cannot recall what happened in this dream. I only recall the narrative of what I consider to be 'the main part' because it upset me so much, and during an emotional crisis, I told my friend LD* (I simply cannot work out if I refer to my best friend LD as LD1 or LD2 in this Blog - this is relevant as the other person with the same initials is someone I do not want to confuse with my friend) about this dream and the impact it had on me. I also had a conversation about the subject matter of this dream with someone else. The context is, when I was with my ex-boyfriend PS in 2007/8 - 2012, we had a dog, N (an orange-coloured Staffordshire Bull Terrier, allegedly crossed with a Rhodesian Ridgeback). I have always been aware that I will never know when and how N's life will end - because I am no longer in touch with PS. This means that one day N will die - perhaps he has already died, as this is highly possible - and I will be ignorant of the fact, despite raising him from a puppy and him being such a huge part of my life during a mental breakdown. It hurts me to look at photographs of him. Further I also have a memory of my ex-boyfriend PS telling me that he wanted to give his (formerly our) dog N away some time after we broke up, as he didn't have the time to care for him. I cannot imagine this is a memory of a real life event, so I assume this conversation occurred in a dream (I can research this Blog for further clues) - it frustrates and upsets me that I cannot remember. 

The dream involved N being dead and coming to visit me (he looked real and alive, not like a ghost) to say 'goodbye' to me. We sat under some draped fabric (like a tent or den) and I hugged N for ages, crying.

Dream 1039 (LUCID DREAM)
'Don't Look Out of the Windows'
Scene 1: An Unknown Domestic Interior - Night
I was in an unknown domestic interior and it was night. AJR's mum, HT was present. She was warning me and a number of unrecalled dream characters (perhaps 2 - 4) that we had to keep the curtains closed until the morning. If we looked out of the windows, or the windows were left uncovered in any way, something terrible and evil (undefined in the dream, I do not think it was explained, it appeared to be an ominous mystery to me and the others, even in the dream itself) would happen. I was terrified, as were the other dream characters. I began to draw the curtains of a window in what appeared to be a kitchen/dining area. The curtains had the tabs stitched across the top, where there are hundreds of small hooks (like bra clasps). The tabs/hooks came undone and the curtain began to fall down. With the help of the other dream characters, I began to frantically re-hook the curtains, but it was really difficult and they kept coming undone. I was afraid we would not hang the curtain/cover the window in time (it was already night/dark outside, which seemed illogical now). I was now aware that the world was changed outside the covered window - the world as we knew it disappeared and an alternative, but dangerous world replaced it, which looked like nothing/the end of the world. This only happened at night. I was holding the curtain up to the window, wondering if we would have to stand like this all night. 

I am not sure what happened with the curtain/window. I was now standing in a brightly lit corridor, which was white and empty. I became lucid - I am not sure what triggered my lucidity. I looked towards the end of the corridor and saw an opening/doorway. There were some male dream characters (2 - 3) - white, middle-aged adults, the one at the front had ginger facial hair, but I cannot recall anything else about them. I pointed my fingers at them in a gun gesture and told them I was dreaming and had the power to control the dream. I did this as a warning, as I was unsure of the motives of the male dream characters. I then lost lucidity and cannot recall anything else. 

* The day after this dream I was standing at the window in my house, talking to HT on the phone. She initiated a conversation about curtains randomly (discussing items AJR wanted for his release from prison) - and then referred to tabs/hooks and curtain rings. This was a bizarre coincidence! Upon writing this dream up now, it suddenly occurred to me that I had been listening to a Creepypasta on Youtube which included a plot about a town where no-one was allowed to look out of the windows at night

Dream 1040
'Kylo Ren, Infidelity Moderator'
Scene 1: An Unknown Exterior Location - Day
I was with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) from Star Wars and my boyfriend, AJR in an outside environment (unrecalled) - it was sunny. We were standing facing one another. I was aware that there was mutual suspicion that either AJR or I had been unfaithful. I knew I had not been unfaithful, but knew AJR suspected I had been. I believed AJR had been unfaithful, but I did not know. Kylo Ren was holding a mobile phone. We knew that depending on what a text message on Kylo Ren's phone said, it would reveal who had been unfaithful. I was sure the text message would indicate it was AJR and I challenged him on this, making him angry. I cannot recall what else happened in this dream.

Dream 1041
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior Location - Day
I was in an unknown interior (maybe it was bedroom, perhaps in a hotel?). I was pregnant and AJR and I were not that excited about the prospect of parenthood. I could not wait for the pregnancy to be over. AJR seemed nonchalant and not really bothered. I was complaining to those present in the room, which appeared to be members of my family, including my Mum. No-one really cared about my concerns. I did not feel anxious or upset, just bored. 

Dream 1041
'Ordinary Dream'
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior Location - Day
I was in a house, which was not my home in the dream. I was standing in a dark corner, watching a large family of dream characters (perhaps about 7 - 8 people ranging in ages) gathered around a large table in a well-lit kitchen area, about 5 meters away from me. They did not seem aware of my presence and were just doing normal things, talking and eating/drinking etc. I cannot recall anything, other than waking up from this dream and having a very clear and strong thought of 'that was a very ordinary/normal dream' which felt positive and reassuring.

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