Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Dream 321

'Bad Holiday in France'
Dream date: 29 November 2014
I was on holiday in France, with DL. We were staying in a posh hotel. One of the other guests - a woman, who I did not see in the dream - had made a complaint about me. She had written it down in a letter which was handed to me, but I cannot recall who by. The letter said that I 'screeched all night'. I denied this, saying I had been asleep all night and the bed had been uncomfortable. When I looked at the woman's handwritten letter again, it was written entirely in emojis, which I found odd in the dream, but I did not become lucid, as I should have.

DL and I were then eating breakfast or brunch in the hotel restaurant. A large, oblong pyrex dish was delivered to the table and placed on my right side. In it was a partially eaten dessert - a thick chocolate mousse with cream on top. It looked delicious, but I sent it back to the waiter because I was aware that the woman who had made the complaint about me had ordered it for me, then eaten some, making sure it would be me who paid for it on my bill. I told the waiter that the dessert was not for me and I would not pay. 

I was then dancing down one of the hotel corridors. 

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