Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dream 324

'Used Condoms'
Dream date: 2 December 2014
I was in my nan's house in Sheringham, sitting on the floor in front of the sofa. I turned to see that my dog, Kelli (now dead) was sitting on the floor in the gap between the edge of the sofa and the armchair. She had a used condom in her mouth, which I was repulsed by. I called for someone to come and remove it (instead of doing it myself) and found we had a cleaner, who was a gay older man (I have a real life cleaner at my university home in Norwich, who is a lovely gay older man with whom I often sit and have long chats with). The dream character was about my height (so fairly short), with black hair (like my actual cleaner), but wore huge gold doorknocker earrings. He took the used condom from the dog's mouth and took it through to the kitchen, with me following. He went to drop it into the sink, but my mum was in the way, washing up. 

I then found myself in my former home in Sheringham (Pine Grove) where I was on the landing, outside my mum and stepdad's bedroom, where Kelli's bed used to be (so she could sleep there, or go into my parent's room during the night). I sat in her dog bed, hugging her (like I used to when I was young) and found we had both her and a male dog, who was also a German Shepherd breed, but pure white with piercing blue eyes.

There was some interaction with my mum - we were watching a very complex video about something (which I cannot recall). There were people moving in a strange way and the video was mainly blue in colour. These are the only details I recall about it. 

I then had a false awakening, and found myself in my own bed in Norwich. Everything looked and felt completely normal, so I performed a reality check to make sure, and found that my hand went through the palm of my other one. I got out of bed and left my room - everything still looked completely as it should in real life. I began walking down the stairs in the dark, thinking to myself that Marilyn Monroe would be at the bottom and I could finally meet her and have a successful Dream Incubation Experiment. I tried to stabilise my dream by shaking my hands. I called out: 'Marilyn?' and heard her answer in a soft voice: 'I'm down here'. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, my lounge/kitchen was now a huge grey hallway with many doors coming off it. I didn't know where Marilyn was, and the disappointment made me wake up.

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