Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Dream 333

'Making a Music Video'
I was in a room which I was going to use to film a music video. The carpet was brown and I was planning to sprinkle green on top to make it look like grass. I knew I hadn't yet written the song (a hip hop track) that I was going to perform, but I thought it was more important to get the setting for the video right before I did that.

In the far corner of the room was a bar and some bar stools. My mum was sitting on one, and my cousin, HM, was on another. HM seemed to be younger than she is now (although she is petite and looks very young for her age anyway). She was wearing a pink vest top. I joined them and HM was doing some kind of weird dance and seemed to be either intoxicated or high. My mum said that we should get her home because her behaviour was odd. HM vomited on the floor (which annoyed me, as this was the scene for my intended music video). My mum said it would be best to take a bus home with HM. 

There was a scene outside in a very foggy, grey, murky urban looking environment where Ruthless (a UK rapper) and a small middle-aged woman were present. I do not recall much about this scene.

I was then aware that PS was now dating a woman called 'Steph' (this is my mum's actual first name). I was talking to Steph (the new girlfriend) on Facebook, but my profile said that I was male and everyone  on my friends list - regardless of whether they knew me offline or online only - believed I was actually male. The lights were very bright in the room I was in, using a computer/laptop and the Facebook screen I was using seemed to mirror exactly what was going on in this room (as if I was watching myself on webcam rather than having a static Facebook profile picture). I cannot recall what Steph looked like, other than she had brown hair. I remember thinking: 'I knew it was her from what she said on Facebook previously' (I am not sure if PS even has a Facebook friend called 'Steph' in real life, but in the dream I had the idea that I had seen her commenting on his status and suspected they were dating).

I know there was more to this dream, which I actually could not remember when I first woke up. However, the memories started coming back to me after a short while. If I recall anything else about this dream, I will update it below...

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