Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dream 323

'Ethiopian Vodka'
Dream date: 1 December 2014
I was in a strange house with PS. The house was very long and narrow and dimly lit, with an open-plan kitchen/dining area. There were high tables with stools to sit on against the walls. PS was telling me that I better leave because his new girlfriend would be coming round soon. I was refusing to go, but PS wasn't forcing me and seemed to be enjoying my company regardless. I kept walking up and down the long strip of linoleum in the kitchen, and dancing, clapping my hands.

PS and I sat at one of the high tables. A young black female with short hair (a dream character) came into the room and said she was going to get us all some vodka. She returned with a bottle of vodka which was called: 'Ethiopian Vodka'. I said I didn't know Ethiopia was a producer of vodka, and the girl told me that it was a speciality. This is all that I can recall about the dream, although my overriding feeling was that I was staying somewhere and asserting my will when I really should have left.

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