Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dream 325

'Meeting Marilyn Monroe in a Lucid Dream!'
This dream took place during a 1.5 hour afternoon nap, before which I clearly set an intention that this time was to be used as an attempt at lucid dreaming and dream incubation. It felt as if the moment I fell asleep I 'awoke' in a false awakening. I performed a reality check and found that my fingers would not go easily through the palm of my other hand. I had to push really hard, and as soon as I thought: 'I must actually be awake then!' found that one finger (my index finger) slowly pushed through my palm. I turned to the wall and saw that there was a huge snow storm swirling on the white paint. My duvet was huge and not only covered me, but also all the furniture at the bottom of my bed. I saw a massive spider walking across the wall, which I squashed with my hand, but it scuttled off. I then saw severed limbs in front of my face and piled at the foot of my bed. I felt extremely annoyed that my subconscious brain was trying to scare me so much during what was supposed to be an exciting and enjoyable experience, and tried not to be afraid. I found that if I kicked the limbs at the bottom of the bed, my foot connected with nothing other than air and the visions went away. I tried to get out of bed, but I could not, because of sleep paralysis. This was frustrating, and I could not make the sleep paralysis disappear. I decided the best thing to do would be to 'go back to sleep' and try and wake up lucid again.

I did this, and found myself in a new false awakening. Again I performed a reality check and found I was asleep, leading to me becoming lucid. I could see the massive spider was now the size of a dog and crawling around my room in circles, about midway up the walls. I tried to blank it out and found that if I didn't look at it, it went away. I managed to get out of bed, but my duvet was stuck to me, like it was a dress I was wearing. Because it was thick and bulky, I was annoyed that I could not remove it. I noticed that there was no furniture in my room. On the floor, parallel to my bed was a dead person, covered with a blanket. A knife was pointing up out of what I assumed to be the chest area (it was stabbed through the blanket). I stepped on the dead body and my foot went through it. I opened my wardrobe door to have a look at myself in the mirror, but I had no reflection. The mirror was just misty. I noticed that I was wearing leggings and a jumper now. I left my room and walked to the bathroom, which is straight ahead. The light was off. I used my foot to kick open the door, saying: 'Is anyone in there?' Fearing the worst (knowing that my mind was trying to play tricks on me and scare me during this dream) I looked in, but could see nothing out of the ordinary. It just looked like my bathroom without any light. Between my bedroom and bathroom is a full-length cupboard. This was now a door to another room. I opened it and found that inside was a brightly lit gay bar, with loud music. There were several topless gay men, climbing on a climbing frame which was mounted on the walls, and dancing, generally having fun. I shut the door and left them to their party.

I then had another false awakening, indicating that I must have temporarily lost lucidity again. I woke in my bed, and did the reality check, which again, was a slow process and seemed like my fingers could not possibly go through my palm at first. I saw a big flesh coloured hole in the wall next to my bed - it looked like an entry/exit wound. I put my finger on/in it and rubbed it away. I got out of bed, this time easily. I left my room and saw that someone was using the bathroom. The light was (seen from the strip under the door where the floor does not meet the door frame) and I could hear water splashing. I knocked on the door. At this time, I was strangely worried that it might be my housemate in the bathroom (even though I knew she was not at home) and that I might be disturbing her. I heard a voice say: 'Yes?' I said: 'Is it Marilyn Monroe?' and the voice from inside the bathroom answered (in a strange English accent): 'Yes honey, it's Marilyn'. I said: 'Why is your accent so strange then?' to which she replied (in her normal voice and American accent): 'I'm practicing my lines for a film role'. I said: 'Can I come in?' I then added: 'I'm your long-lost sister'. I didn't mean to deceive her, but I was so keen to meet her, I wanted to give her a reason to let me in. She said: 'You already know you can come in!' so I opened the door. The unfortunate thing was, as soon as I entered the bathroom, my eyelids would not open properly. They felt glued together, and I could only force them open a tiny bit, so all that was visible was a tiny strip right in my line of vision. I could see Marilyn's pale skin and her platinum blonde hair just above the edge of the bath. I also found I was so nervous and excited that I could not speak. All I could say was: 'Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn' repeatedly, and the rest of my words stuck in the back of my throat. Marilyn was splashing the water with her feet and giggling at me because I could not see or speak to her properly. I woke up.

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