Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Dream 322

'French Homework'
Dream date: 30 November 2014
I was feeding special biscuits (chocolate, but in the dream they were 'special') to a female who was a composite of my cousin, HM, and JG. While I was feeding HM/JG, I was hugging her and talking to her like she was a baby, although I cannot recall what I was saying.

I was then with some other persons - I think they were pupils from my old high school. We were in a dark room, sitting at a long, high desk. We had a forthcoming  French exam and had to revise. I was aware that I was very unprepared and needed to revise the entire year's worth of work. I opened a ringbinder file and saw that there were hundreds of pages of notes - many of which were written in green biro. When I tried to turn the pages to get to the front of the bundle, I found that the ring binder was stuck and the pages wouldn't turn. I could not access the majority of my notes. I felt frustrated and sure that I would fail the exam because I could not revise.

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