Thursday, 18 December 2014

Dream 334

'Cutting Off a Nose Tip'
I was in the back of a car with my stepbrother. My mum was in the front passenger seat and next to her, in the driving seat, was a man whom she was supposedly dating. He was younger than her, big built and with dark hair. My mum was having a baby with this man. Both my stepbrother and I were suspicious of him and felt that he had evil intentions. We were begging my mum to leave him. My mum got out of the car and pulled her boyfriend out of the driver seat. She threw him down on the floor and used a knife to cut off the tip of his nose. This was some kind of 'trick' to make us accept him, but we knew this, and therefore still wouldn't warm to him or approve of the relationship/new baby.

The new boyfriend was then present in an interior setting. The tip of his nose (which had been bloody and shortened) had now regrown/been re-attached. This made me angry, because I knew my mum had done it for theatrical effect to try and fool us in some way. I was learning/studying something - I had textbooks. The new boyfriend was trying to give me cupcakes to make me like him, but I was refusing. There was some kind of aggression or nastiness underlying his personality. 

The rest of my dream recollection is hazy. If I recall anything else about this dream (sometimes dream memories come back to me, triggered by a thought or something I see/hear), I will write this up below...

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