Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Dream 329

'The Hotel'
I was with a female dream character (who I cannot recall) and perhaps some other people. My memory of who I was with is very unclear. We were in a hotel which was closed and empty, but for our group. It was a three-storey building and very very narrow - about the width of half of a normal house. It was painted white on the outside with black details (like Tudor beams, but it wasn't a Tudor-style building). There was a set of steps leading up to the front entrance from street level and I am not sure of the location, other than it appeared to be on in the UK and the street was lined with residential and commercial buildings. It was dark both inside and outside the hotel. We (myself, the female dream character and others) were inside an office within the hotel. We knew the hotel would be closed for a period of time and therefore had decided to take it over and have a private gathering inside. We were printing massive posters to be displayed around the hotel, using a colour printer which was in the office. I was worried that we might run out of ink for the big poster I was printing which I wanted to put behind the desk at the reception. When the poster was printed - it was an A2 size - the bottom part was really faded and blurry. I thought that it would still be fine. We hung the posters around the hotel, which we also decided to re-name 'Shortcomings'. I then saw DL or PS - it was unclear who it was, or it may have been a composite of both persons - reading a map. I asked where they were planning to travel and was told: 'Addis Zulu', which I perceived to mean 'Addis Ababa'.

* I looked up 'Addis Ababa' in Google and found that it is the capital city of Ethiopia. I did not know this, or at least, I did not remember this fact. I recently had another dream involving 'Ethiopian Vodka'. I have no idea why I am having recurrent dream references to Ethiopia because I cannot recall thinking, reading or watching anything about this country in recent times.

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