Sunday, 7 December 2014

Dream 327

'The Sheets that Bang'
Dream date: 5 December 2014
I was at a party, in a house I did not recognise. One of the bedrooms in the house belonged to SB, a school friend (whose house I have never visited in real life). SB's mum had bought her everything she wanted (she is not a particularly materialistic person, and in the dream, she was not portrayed as 'spoilt', just trendy). Her room was filled with lots of really cool things - interesting cult souvenirs, records, art prints, vintage fashion etc. I enjoyed looking around the room and thought that if everyone from school knew of SB's hobbies and interests, she would be more popular.

I was in the main room of the party in the next scene. The room was open, and blueish-grey. RBA, a rapper I know, was laying down at the side of the room. He seemed to be giant in size, but no-one was bothered by this. I was trying to get him to stand up and enjoy the party, but he told me he was dying. I was frustrated with him because I did not believe he was actually dying, just lazy.

I was then talking to DL about a theory of the 'Big Bang' - it is (as simply put as possible, given that I am not a physicist and barely understand it myself) - a theory linked to String Theory and M Theory, which suggests that our universe could have been formed as a result of a collision between two parallel four dimensional 'branes' (which are three dimensional, plus time) which exist in a higher dimensional space. These universes - like our own - are restricted to this four dimensional brane. Due to a leaking of gravity from one of the universe/branes, a parallel universe/brane is drawn towards it. These branes, or universes, are simply components in a potentially infinite system of multiverses and the 'Big Bang' was not the beginning of time, but rather one event in a constant cycle of evolution. The theory is known as 'Brane Cosmology', but I referred to it as the 'Sheets that Bang' (because the branes resemble big sheets and they 'bang'...) In the dream, I was saying to DL that I knew this theory of how our universe was created was true, because there was a pop song (an upbeat R'n'B song, although I cannot remember the tune I heard in the dream, or the artist who supposedly recorded the track) called 'The Sheets that Bang'. I thought this was too much of a coincidence and accepted that the unity between a popular song and this theory was persuasive. In the dream I was sure that the song wouldn't have been written and recorded if there was not some truth to the words. 

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