Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Dream 339

'Raekwon's Looks Improve'
I was in a room with sisters AP and KP. KP had a textbook which she was showing me. However she told me that 'clients' had written confidential anecdotes about breastfeeding in the margins, so I was not able to read the book myself - she was flicking through the pages quickly so I could not actually see what was written. 

I was then watching a performance by American rock band Faith No More which was very energetic and accompanied by strobe lights. I was right up close to the stage and it seemed as if I was watching a music video rather than at a live show, even though I recalled arriving at the venue (the location of which I cannot remember). I stepped back and realised I was actually watching Wu Tang Clan perform, although only three members - Raekwon, Ghostface Killer and Inspektah Deck were on stage. The track they were performing was not one I was familiar with. I saw a close-up of Raekwon and noticed that he was no longer ugly - his looks had dramatically improved, which I was surprised by. His face was longer and slimmer and his features more aesthetically pleasing. He also looked much younger and fresher-faced, with clear skin which was glowing. He was wearing a pale blue jumper. I then saw Inspektah Deck close up - he had abnormally long arms. I tried to tell someone (unseen) that he looked odd, but I kept referring to him by the name of Gza, even though I knew this was incorrect and Gza was not on stage with his group. 

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