Monday, 22 December 2014

Dream 336

'Magic Taste Maker'
Dream date: 20 December 2014
I was somewhere looking at chocolate desserts, which were perfectly cube-shaped. They were being made by pastry chefs. I then realised that PS's new girlfriend lived in Luton and I had a (dream) memory that I had seen him update his Facebook indicating that he was going to Luton. I thought that this made sense and everything was falling into place.

I then had some kind of handheld gadget, which looked like an icing bag. I just had to think of a flavour and the gadget would squeeze out a coloured gel which would harden into edible pearls which tasted of my chosen flavour. I used the gadget to decorate the hemline of a dress I was wearing with mango flavoured pearls.

I was then walking down York Street in Norwich with DL, telling him about my magic taste-making machine and how we could have a lot of fun with it when we got back home. It was a sunny day. We were both pushing prams with children in them, but the children were not ours. As we crossed the road, I saw a building in front of us and three men stepping outside the door. One of them was my former boss, IF (who I stopped working for following a dispute). He looked old and I wondered if he would acknowledge me, but he walked past and ignored me. I questioned whether he thought the children belonged to me.

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