Sunday, 14 December 2014

Dream 330

'New Theory of Dreaming'
Dream date: 12 December 2014
This dream was more like a series of unconnected dream scenes, many of which I do not remember clearly.

The first scene was a party. It was night and I was with my mum and was hosting a party which appeared to be both inside and outside a house which did not look familiar. I am not sure if it was just one party or a series of parties, but whole crowds of guests kept arriving and then leaving. Every time the guests left I would feel sad and cry, so my mum and I decided to keep bringing fancy deserts to the table to tempt the guests to stay at the party.

I was then in my kitchen in my home in Norwich and aware that my housemate, BG, was in a poly-amorous relationship with a male and another female. They were standing in a group by the microwave.

I was then looking through a catalogue which was printed on some very rough paper, with fuzzy, blurry photographs in black and white. This catalogue was full of adverts (text and image) of men. The idea was that the reader should select a man to be in a relationship with. One of the men was very strange, although I cannot recall why. Someone (unseen, unrecalled) pointed out another of the adverts in the catalogue. It was for a young man who had a beard. The photograph used was of him in a bedsit, standing bedside a sink. I said/thought that he would not be appropriate because he had  had sex with his sister (incest) and therefore was immoral. Suddenly, I saw the grainy black and white photograph start to come to life - the man was moving around the bed sit, throwing his possessions (clothes) in anger and his sister was seated on the edge of his bed.

DL then told me that I could get a puppy and it would live in his flat (I cannot have a puppy in my current accommodation). I was happy, be he was indicating that this had already been an option and I had just failed to think of this solution to me wanting a  dog until he mentioned it.

I then heard running water and saw a picture of a very pink brain. As well as the running water, I could hear the snap of a camera taking a photograph and then saw photographs (like Polaroids) streaming out of the brain. They did have images, but it was more of a depiction of a Polaroid (almost like a cartoon) so the image on the photograph was more 'suggested' to me  than actually seen in detail. I felt I was being shown something profound and had a sense that I witnessing a 'New Theory of Dreaming' - it was being explained to me in the dream.

I was then with my mum and we were travelling somewhere, or to many places, but they were all banal and boring.

* The next day (Saturday) I was having a coffee in a cafe when I went to wash my hands. The sound of the running water triggered a memory in me and I instantly recalled the 'New Theory of Dreaming' which had supposedly been shown to me in this dream. The dream memory seemed a lot stronger than it had when I woke up earlier and recalled the dream. I will be writing up my New Theory of Dreaming as soon as I have an opportunity.

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