Monday, 15 December 2014

Dream 331

'Santa Races'
There was a small dark-haired woman of middle-age, who was juggling a range of patterns - they were all appearing in her hands, as if they were holograms. One in particular was a kaleidoscope of grey and blue colours. She told me: 'I can only handle fractals!'

I was then in a room which was similar to a room which I have seen in another dream - it was well lit and had multiple sections, created by a series of diagonal walls. I am not sure how much it actually resembled the location in my earlier dream, but I had a clear sense of dream deja-vu. There was a tall, young black man. He was standing at a counter brushing his teeth with an over-sized toothbrush. In the small square (open) room to his right (behind where I was standing) was a young, glamorous black woman. She said that on my suggestion, she had added the word 'rude' in front of the word 'bedroom'. She was a celebrity and had a suite of 13 rooms in a hotel. In front of me she telephoned the hotel and asked for 'Rude Bedroom 14' to be available to her. She seemed very pleased. 

I was then in some kind of airport. It was quite empty, but there were various stands on the open floor - one had bed sheets, another had umbrellas. I was with someone else (I think it was my mum) seated on the back of a motorised cart which was being driven by Santa Claus. We were speeding around the airport and I was reaching out towards the stands as we passed them, pretending that I was about to grab the bedsheets or umbrellas. The Santa Claus crashed the motorised cart, although I did not seem to be on the back any more, but was standing at a safe distance away. The Santa Claus was sick (vomited) all over the ground - it looked like orange squares of paper. I said: 'I can't see properly, did you film it?' to someone (I cannot recall who), hoping that someone had made a video of it so I could see what happened more clearly. 

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