Monday, 22 December 2014

Dream 335

'Bad Apprentice'
Dream date: 19 December 2014
I was a contestant on the UK TV show The Apprentice. The project manager for my team was EH, a colleague in real life. We were being supervised by Nick Hewer and the challenge was the one in which the contestants have to buy items from a list provided for the cheapest possible price. The room we were working from was dark, with a kitchen area down one side and tables to sit at. I was sat at a table, using a mobile phone to call suppliers/sellers to get the best price for the items I had been allocated to buy. I rang one company and asked them the price for some specialist books, The man on the phone said that the books cost £x amount (I cannot recall how much he said), but I only budgeted £10 for this item. I asked if he could sell the books to me for this price and he said he could not. Instead of bartering with him, I just said 'thank you' and ended the call, then realised I had made a mistake in not trying to get him to change him mind. My next item was an 'Islamic raincoat' although instead of 'raincoat' I was thinking of an Arabic word and did not know what kind of coat this should be. I was trying to find Islamic dress suppliers to enquire about the item, but having no luck, which made me frustrated. We all left the room and on the way out, passed Nick Hewer, who had an expression on his face which told me he was not impressed by my performance. The other item on my list was a 'roast beef' and I had to prepare this in the kitchen. Instead of doing it myself, I got a male member from the other team to roast the joint of beef, because he was already using the oven for his team's effort. He burnt my team's roast beef, meaning we lost the task and faced the boardroom.

The scene changed and I was in my old bedroom at my nan's house in Sheringham. My cousin HM was there and she had a daughter, aged around 2 - 3 years of age. HM was sitting on the bed with her daughter, while I was standing at the dressing table, styling my hair. I noticed that my long hair had been cut to shoulder length and wondered when this had happened. I also wondered why I had not styled my hair in bunches. I could see the top of my own head and my hair was thinning on the crown. HM put her head back and said: 'My hair is much too thick' (everyone in my family has thick hair). Her hair was as it appears in real life - mid-length and brown. Her hair was loose with a hair clip keeping the front of it from her face. I asked her why she didn't put it in a ponytail and she said: 'That makes blisters on my scalp'. I joined her on the bed and we started talking, She said her mum was 'different' and we both came to the conclusion that her mum going to Germany and meeting up with our aunty, CJ was the reason for the change. HM was then trying to get her daughter to sleep, using some sort of toy which played a lullaby. The little girl was laying, wrapped up in a blanket on the floor by the bed. I went over and kissed her goodbye and left. 

I was then in some kind of costume, which was a white leather catsuit. I was with my ex-boyfriend (from many years ago), SL, and others. We were on some kind of superhero mission and SL was instructing me on what to do. One of the tasks was to run up a staircase as fast as I could. I was behind SL, and we ran up the staircase (it seemed like we were in a train station or similar) at super-human speed. At the top of the stairs were some lifts and we stood outside the lifts to talk. A man with ginger hair stepped out of the lift and started taking photographs of us. I told him to stop. We then went outside, and while I was leaning against a wall, I started having a conversation with SL and the other superheros, all wearing similar costumes to my own. I then realised that I was very special. 

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