Monday, 22 December 2014

Dream 337

'Buying Sugar Clocks'
Dream date: 20 December 2014
I was trying to find clothes to wear to attend a party I had been invited to. The house I was in seemed like my house in Norwich, but different at the same time. I was with a female dream character who was a composite between AM (a girl I lived with during my first undergraduate degree), AP and VW (two girls I went to school with). I could not find anything to wear because although my cupboard was full of clothes, nothing fit me. Everything was much too small. I tried on some camouflage print trousers and then a navy mini-skirt, but neither of them would go over my hips and butt. I then saw a sparkly white vest top on  a coat hanger and decided that I would wear this.

I was then trying to find an email which had been sent to me by Mrs A (my former sixth form teacher). This email had been sent on 10 December, and had an appointment time for me to visit the hospital to undergo an operation on my womb. I had actually received two emails from Mrs A on 10 December, but I had already read the first one, which had the wrong appointment time and date. I needed to find the second, unread email to find the corrected time and date. The female dream character was using my email account, and I made her get off my laptop so I could look through my emails. No matter how hard I looked I could not scroll past the emails sent to me on 9 December - every email I saw listed had been sent on this date. I began to feel worried.

I was then in a shop, trying to buy an alarm clock. All the clocks were red and sugary and some had designs on them. I summonsed a shop assistant to help me choose the best one. She picked two, which were both perfectly round, red and coated in sugar. The clocks did not have the normal features of a clock, just a flat surface. One of them was plain red and the other had a picture of an owl on it. I was trying to decide which one to buy and picked the one with the owl. I handed over my money and then noticed that both clocks had bites out of the side of them. I complained to the shop assistant and her female manager came over. She made the shop assistant refund my money and then reprimanded her, telling her she was rubbish at her job.

I was then at the party. It was party held by MS (a boy from my school and the first boy I ever dated). I realised I was not wearing my intended outfit (the white sparkly vest top), but instead a baggy pink T-shirt. I felt under-dressed, but then noticed that all the other people at the party (locals from Sheringham and particularly my former high school classmates) were all wearing baggy T-shirts. MS told me that he was moving somewhere and I told him that he should stay here instead. Myself and other guests were walking from room to room in the house in which the party was being held. I cannot remember anything else about this dream.

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