Monday, 22 December 2014

Dream 338

'Naked & Happy'
My mum asked me to buy her some cigarettes. I was annoyed about this because she gave up smoking nearly 15 years ago and I did not want her to become addicted again. I asked her if she was planning on smoking them herself and she said she wasn't.

The scene changed and I was in a big hallway, by the front door of a residential property. I was sitting on the floor and was completely naked. The front door opened and a group of people - including PS - entered. I felt confident and happy in my nakedness and no shame at all. I was happy to expose my body to these people. I asked PS where N the dog was. He said N was having his front leg amputated. I felt very worried and upset and did not want this to happen. PS was unable to explain why N was having his leg needlessly amputated.

I was then on my way to a hotel with a middle-aged man who I did not know well in the dream and do not recognise from real life. Myself and some female dream characters had been planning to drive in a car to the hotel together, but for some reason we were unable to do so - it may be that the car would not start or was out of petrol. The middle-aged man had approached the car and told us that we did not need to drive there anyway because the hotel was just a few minutes away. He told me that he would show me the way, and despite the fact that it was nearby, we boarded a bus and got a ride there. The hotel was very posh and had an extremely long foyer, with wardrobes lining the walls. The man got me to sit in a luggage trolley and pushed me down the hallway. He stopped by one of the wardrobes (which was open) and I looked inside. There were some white towelling robes hanging inside - complimentary gifts for guests of the hotel. I thought that these robes were called 'Moojies' and I helped myself to one of them, putting it on. We then went into a reception room where there was a desk and a woman seated behind it. She dealt with guest bookings and arrivals. I wondered why I was choosing to pay to stay in a hotel which was in the same area that I lived in anyway (I am not sure exactly where, only that I lived here) and realised that it would be a waste of money, especially since I would be alone in a double room and bored. The receptionist told me that I had not had to pay a deposit, so I was free to leave without losing any money if that is what I wanted. I chose not to stay in the hotel. However, I kept the Moojie that I was wearing.

I then saw PS in a room (I am not sure where) and N the dog was laying in a dog bed. I was stroking him and fussing over him as I normally would and was trying to see if his leg had been amputated, although I could not tell because his front legs were in their usual folded position. I kept trying to count his paws without disturbing him, and it seemed as if they were all there.

* The day after this dream I saw PS posted a picture of N on Facebook - he was laying in a new dog bed and had his front leg folded under which made it look like he had no paw. I am completely convinced I did not see this picture when it was posted because I did not have internet access over the weekend and further, I would not have skimmed over a picture of my beloved N who I miss so much everyday - every time I see a dog resembling N on the internet or in the street I pay careful attention.

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