Monday, 2 March 2015

Dream 375

'Too Bootilicious'
Dream date: 27 February 2015
I was with Nicki Minaj and we were in a room sitting on a sofa. Nicki was telling me that I had a 'massive ass'. I was surprised, since my butt is nowhere as big as her own (enhanced) booty. However, in real-life before bed I had been doing squats and my gluteus maximum muscles (the 'glutes') had been aching, which might explain why my butt was the subject of this dream.

I was then in a classroom. SPW, a lecturer at my university (who holds some of the postgraduate personal and professional development training modules I attend) was lounging in a chair. He was handing out a sheaf of papers to each student, which had a science assignment on them. I leaned over his legs - possibly to reach something. He said: 'You aren't wearing an underwear'. I wondered how he knew this, since I was wearing a pair of black leggings. He then - as if reading my mind/thoughts - said: 'Your trousers are see-through'. I felt violated and left with the science assignment, wondering why I had to complete it since I don't study a science-based subject.

I was then with my family (mum, stepdad, nan, cousin HM) and DL in a pub/restaurant. It resembled The Crown, Sheringham. My mum told me to choose something on the menu. When I looked at the menu, it wasn't actually a menu, but rather a container holding salt and pepper and sachets of condiments. Chips (French fries) were superimposed on this container. This made me choose to order scampi and chips. 

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