Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Dream 380

'Swapping Shifts'
Dream date: 6 March 2015
In real life, I really needed to swap a shift (I was scheduled to be on duty which means I have to stay at home with an emergency mobile phone in case I get called out to help someone in my role in student welfare). I had agreed to cover for a colleague (the next evening), but got confused about the rota and had important plans elsewhere. I went to sleep feeling anxious because it was too late to contact a colleague to ask them to take my duty shift, and knew I needed to make this a priority when I woke up.

I dreamt I was in a house, which in the dream was my home. However, on reflection, it seemed to look like the parental home of my school friend, NN, which is near my nan's house in Sheringham. This house - which I visited many many times as a child and young adult, has a separate 'granny flat' extension across a narrow porch which runs between the extension and the kitchen of the main house. I was in the main house. I could hear loud voices coming from the kitchen. I thought: 'my housemate is awake...I can ask her to cover my shift' and went to speak to her. Instead of finding her, I saw that 'her friend' (a large, female dream character in her 20s, with blonde hair, wearing a blue dress) was lying on the floor, blocking the door leading from the kitchen to the porch. She was moaning in a loud, wailing way. I had a mental image of 'beached whale'. I then saw myself standing on the edge of what I would describe as 'a ruined beach' - full of trash and debris, the cliffs crumbling away onto the sand. I looked again and noticed that the cliffs were actually crumbling concrete buildings, falling onto the beach. I was then looking out towards the sea, which was extremely blue and rough. It was daylight, but quite dark and stormy. This scene looked EXACTLY like the 'Limbo City' scene in Inception (2010) - pictured below. 

I then saw myself crossing the porch to go to what would be the 'extension'. The extension was in fact my neighbour's house and I was planning to ask them to take my shift for me. I walked across, and found myself outside my actual house in Norwich. I could see the football team - my neighbour's house was now a locker room or a room to store their sports equipment in. The inside of this room was brightly lit with an orange light. It was night time. Up ahead of me, standing outside a different house in my row (which looked as I would expect it to appear in real-life, other than the position of the 'locker/sports equipment room'), was ED1 and various other team members. I thought that I should hurry, rather than greeting them, as I had urgent business to attend to.

 I walked down the passage way in front of my Norwich home. The scene changed and I was then at the back of the extension of my friend NN's family home in Sheringham. It was daylight again, and the back of the extension was my Norwich neighbour (and colleague's) back garden (in real-life we don't have gardens on campus - just a large grassy field). There was a large vegetable plot. I woke up. 

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