Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dream 384

'Exposing Bad Grandfathers'
Dream date: 14/15 March 2015
I was with a female dream character - a girl with shoulder-length blonde hair who was a similar height and build to myself. We were both working as au pair for a family which consisted of grandparents, parents and children. The parents and children were not seen in the dream. The girl and I were to stay on a grassy cliff which was in the middle of the ocean. We lived in a little nook carved out from the cliff and would go to the top of the cliff and look out at the sea.

The grandfather was a white male dream character with grey hair and a beard. The girl and I became aware that he was having a sexual relationship with a 14-year old girl (unseen and I am not sure how we became aware of this). We disapproved of this and thought the grandfather was a sex offender who needed to be confronted. 

We organised a meeting with the grandfather and grandmother in a dark room (in their family home). This room was filled with furniture and boxes - as if it had been packed up for removal or had been moved in, but not yet unpacked. The boxes were stacked high to the ceiling - and were mainly positioned in the centre of the room, which created a kind of partition. There was a large curtain (I think it was white) also - separating one room from another to the left of where we were standing. The girl and I had a clipboard - with questions for the grandfather written on a piece of paper - a survey. We wanted to question him about his inappropriate relationship with the underage girl. We referred to the confrontation as 'a game'. However, the grandparents were unwilling to take part. The grandmother was telling us that we had work to do and should not be playing games like this. The grandfather said he was 'too busy' and could not answer our questions. He was refusing to listen to our concerns about his statutory rape of the 14 year old. The grandparents left the dark room. The girl and I then  went to The Two Lifeboats Hotel in Sheringham (the pub which my mum used to manage and where I worked as a teenager). We walked into the 'Augusta Bar' (which has a sea-view) and stood in the middle of the space (which was filled with customers) and shouted out that the grandfather was a child abuser. We were very frantic and excitable, but no-one paid any attention to us. This part of the dream made me aware that the location for all of it was Sheringham - it was obvious, since the family we worked for lived by the sea, and when we were on top of the cliffs, we were looking out at the sea off the coast of Sheringham (there are grass-topped cliffs in Sheringham, and I have stood on top of them and looked out at this view, although in this dream, the cliff we lived on was not connected to the mainland, but just standing alone in the middle of the sea).

The girl and I were then on top of a huge scaffolding, in the middle of the ocean. It was hundreds of feet high, above sea level. I felt scared (I am afraid of heights in real-life). To get down from the scaffolding, you had to stand on a small square platform, then somersault down onto a slide or ladder. My mum was at the top of the scaffolding with me. She was telling me not to do this, because it was too dangerous, and I agreed with her, but had no idea how I could get down without doing the somersault. The girl demonstrated it. As she somersaulted in the air above the platform, I saw she was wearing bright yellow trousers. I saw this from a position of standing behind her. It was a very vivid image which seemed to last longer than was physically possible.

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • In my previous dream (Dream 383) I had dreamed of a character from Stephen King's IT (novel, 1986; movie 1990). In the movie adaptation there is a scene where Pennywise the Clown somersaults into a drain opening - wearing bright yellow trousers). The 'somersault' scene involving the girl wearing yellow trousers in my dream was based on this image from the movie. The girl's movement was exactly the same as Pennywise's. I have provided a screenshot of the scene from the movie to illustrate what I mean.
  • I had a conversation with an old school-friend the day before I had this dream. He lives a short distance from Sheringham. I told him that I sometimes visit my family in Sheringham (which is 25 miles away from where I now live), but I usually end up in my nan's house, or down the local pub with my parents, which might have inspired notions of grandparents and pubs in Sheringham - especially one in which my mum and I used to work.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
I felt happy and in a positive mood when I woke from this dream.

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